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    Lincoln Burrows
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    I received various PDF documents from my friend, however, these files are difficult to handle. I urgently want to merge PDF pages so that they can be easy to handle. Please suggest me some solution to join PDF files?

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    Mariya Beckham
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    Hi, as we know multiple PDF files are difficult to handle the only option left is to merge PDF files. In order to combine multiple PDF files, you can opt for PDF Merger. Moreover, there is no file formatting is done by the tool while merging PDF files.

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    Michael Scofield
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    Is there any manual way or some other solution to combine multiple PDF files?

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    Dexter Morgan
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    There is another approach to merge PDF files i.e. with the help of Adobe Acrobat XI. For this, you have followed some steps –

    Step 1: Go to Create button
    Step 2: Choose Combine files into single PDF
    Step 3: At the top left of combine files dialog box
    Step 4: Add files using the Add Files drop-down menu or drag and drop
    Step 5: Now, go to options
    Step 6: Choose a File Type: Single PDF or Portfolio
    Step 7: Click OK
    Step 8: Arrange files by using arrows located on the bottom left or click or drag
    Step 9: Click on Combine Files.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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