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    Henry Davidson
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    “Hi, few days backs I got an email along with an attachment as PDF file. This PDF contains some important images. Actually, I want to extract images from PDF so that I can use these images for some other work. Can someone help me to extract pictures from PDF files?”

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    Kerry Morris
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    hi, with the help of Adobe Acrobat Pro you can extract images from PDF files. For this, you have to follow some useful steps –

    1- Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
    2- Select Tools and Export PDF.
    3- Select Image and then the format.
    4- Select the Export all images checkbox under the options.
    5- Select Export and a location to save them.

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    Lincoln Burrows
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    There is another method to extract images from PDF file i.e. with the help of Windows Snipping Tool. This can be done by using some steps –

    Step 1: Click on the Start button
    Step 2: Enter Snipping Tool in the search box
    Step 3: Select Snipping Tool from the displayed result
    Step 4: Click on the Mode option and choose from Windows, Free-form, Full-screen, or Rectangular Snip.
    Step 5: In the case of free-form or rectangular snips, use mouse to choose the area that needs to be captured
    Step 6: Click on the Save button & save the snip at any desired location or move it to the clipboard

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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