As we all know that Microsoft Outlook is an email client that already provides a lot of features which are inbuilt in it. But still, sometimes we need to move to other platforms as per the situation demands. Similarly, in some situation, you may need to import Outlook PST file to Office 365. It is also known as Outlook Web Access or OWA in short. So if you’re looking for a manual solution, then Yes! It can be done manually using Import/Export feature of MS Outlook but its very hard to perform if the data is large.

How Azcopy Works

Install Azure AzCopy tool that will copy/ move PST file to Office 365. Now copy the SAS URL of the organization. Where, SAS URL is a combination of network URL for the Azure storage location in Office 365 and Shared Access Signature key.

  • With SAS key admin get the permission to upload PST files to Azure storage location.
  • Now admin can move/ copy data files in an Azure storage location with the help of AzCopy.exe tool that will migrate PST to Office 365.
  • Admin also can check a list of uploaded PST files with the help of Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer.
  • Once the PST files are moved/ transferred to cloud storage, the admin will create a CSV file that will define the mailboxes associated with corresponding PST files.
  • At last, an admin will create an import job in Office 365 that will use information from CSV file to import PST files to the corresponding user mailbox.

An Alternative to Azure Azcopy Tool – Office 365 Importer



Getting an Azure Azcopy alternative is very important to move PST data to Office 365. Azcopy is a complicated process to perform so its needed to get some method that can help the user to import unencrypted PST files to Office 365 account. So Office 365 Importer Tool is the best alternative that is availalble to perfrom this process to import PST to Office 365.