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Add Google Apps Account to Apple Mail Manually & Automatically

Mariya Beckham ~ Modified: July 11th, 2017 ~ Email Client ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Many users are facing challenges to add Google Apps account to Apple mail. They want to know a quick and easy process for this migration, but unable to find relevant approach. Therefore, in this blog we will discuss both manual as well as trouble free solution for the migration of G Suite to Apple mail.

Overview about G Suite to Mac Mail Migration

G Suite is the new name of Google Apps. Users who want to access the data in cloud-based application commonly use this platform. On the other hand, Apple mail is a desktop-based email application designed of Mac platform. Therefore, users who wish to access the mailbox in offline mode sometimes want to migrate G Suite data to Apple Mail. Apart from this, there are some reasons behind this like switching from one to another organization, etc. Consider these 2 queries for the understanding of migration need in a clear way.

Query 1:I generally use Google Apps on my iPhone. It works fine, but sometimes I have to face certain challenges. For instance, last night I was updating some contacts to my list and it took very long. I was feeling very irritated with this slow working. It happens many times and therefore, I have decided to use Apple mail. I have searched for a proper method, as I do not want to lose my data and certainly, I found many methods. However, I cannot fully rely on these approaches. I hope there are many users who have done this before. This is the reason I want to confirm a reliable and secure method to setup Google apps account on Mac mail. Please guide me for the same.

Query 2:Previously, I was using Google Apps for the storage of data. Accessing data in that was very easy, but I wanted to access the data in offline mode as well. Therefore, I thought to transfer Google emails to Apple mail. Shifting the data into Apple mail was also because I have bought a Mac system in, which I can access Apple mail easily. I have started my search to move this data, however unable to find a trustworthy strategy. Now, I want to know a trick or a tool for the same. Please let me know if anyone knows the method as soon as possible.

Configure G Suite Account in Mac Mail

Method 1: Manual Solution to Convert Google Apps to Apple Mail

Important Note: In case you are adding the Gmail address to Apple Mail 3.0 for first time, then the mail will be configured for POP access automatically. For the configuration of IMAP, execute the following steps:

  • Firstly, click on Mail >> Preferences.
  • Now, on the Accounts tab, you need to click on + button to add a new account.
  • A new window will open; you need to fill all the required information. This information includes:

(i) Full Name: Your name.
(ii) Email Address: Full mail address i.e. (name@gmail.com or for Google Apps users: name@your_domain.com).
(iii) Password: The Password of Gmail.
(iv) You need to deselect the box, which is next to “Automatically set up account”.

  • Then, click on Create.
  • After this, fill the Incoming Mail Server information.

(i) Account Type: Choose IMAP.
(ii) Incoming Mail Server: Modify it to imap.gmail.com.
(iii) User Name: Email address (name@gmail.com, for Google Apps users: name@your_domain.com).
(iv) Password: The password of Gmail.

  • Now, click on Continue.
  • Type Outgoing Mail Server information as mentioned:

(i) Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.gmail.com.
(ii) Use Authentication: selected.
(iii) User Name: Gmail address (username@gmail.com, for Google Apps users username@your_domain.com).
(iv) Password: Password of Gmail.

  • Hit on Continue and the setup to configure G Suite Account in Apple Mail will be almost completed.
  • Next, review the summary of your Account, which is followed by a click on Create.
  • Also, check client setting and adjust them as per the requirement.

Method 2: Expert Solution to Migrate Google Apps to Apple Mail

Users have to go through many steps for the accomplishment of the task manually. Each step should be followed cautiously for right results. This is the reasons many users find it difficult to perform. As a result, they want a method to setup Google apps account on Mac mail easily. For this, they can use Google Apps Backup utility. With the help of this program, it is so simple to backup Google Apps data in MBOX and other file formats. To access the data in Apple Mail convert the data in MBOX format. The software keeps the data safe and secure.

The Bottom Line

Google Apps is used all around the globe to meet the requirements of business. It brings so many features to make the maintenance of data easy. However, there are still many users, who want to access the data in Apple mail platform. Considering this, we have discussed a manual solution for the same. Apart from this, we have also introduced an automated approach to add Google Apps account to Apple mail. Using a third party tool makes the task simple and quick.