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AOL Syncing Issue

Mariya Beckham ~ Modified: March 7th, 2016 ~ Tech Query ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Fixing Common AOL Syncing Issue With Possible Workaround


America Online is still in use by users across the globe but with issues simultaneously occurring. Using AOL via web browser or the desktop application there is always a possibility of encountering technical glitches in both the cases. Therefore, the following segment brings forward some of the applicable workarounds for different cases where the synchronization or connectivity with AOL account fails to take place.



Different Cases of AOL Synchronization Failure


When one is surfaced with synchronization issues with their AOL Desktop Software program leading to an error message, the suggestion is to implement any of the following fixtures to get through the situation. Once you have tried the solutions given below, check whether the problem has been resolved or not. If not, examine the condition again, try the next workaround to see if it works for your case, and repeat the procedure until the situation has been resolved.


1. Trouble Connecting to Application: In case you are using the desktop application for reading/accessing emails of your AOL account and have surfaced issue with the same then you must try the following troubleshoots:

• Broadband Connection requires troubleshooting or be restarted
• Or you need to troubleshoot the Dial-Up Connection if it is being used for connection


2. Version of AOL Desktop Software: AOL Desktop Software is available in several versions. You must ensure that the version being used on your machine to access the account is not very old. Check to confirm the version and get it updated as soon as possible, if required. This could be a probable cause of connectivity failure.

NOTE: Every upgrade comes with previously surfaced bugs, fixed and patches updated to improve the performance. Therefore, an updated version makes a lot of difference.


3. PFC File Improper Storage: AOL Desktop Software maintains PFC file storage containing messages of your account. If these files are not properly stored/located, the application may have a hard time reading them for you. You can compact and then restore the Personal Filing Cabinet file to make it readable. Online help pages hosted officially by AOL can be referred to for the instructions on compacting and restoring PFC.


4. Mobile Device Sync Issues: The synchronization issue happens to take place on a varied devices ranging from the desktop computer to a mobile device. If you have synchronized your account with your mobile device using an application and can read them on the device but not on the computer then probably the issue is with the configuration. When using a POP based configuration instead of IMAP, such a case happens to take place. Unlike POP, IMAP based configuration enables you to access a common account on multiple devices, it using it in a case like this would be preferable to avoid the glitch.


5. Alternate Options to Fix the Issue: There are a number of other possible fixtures that can be applied to AOL mobile usage:

• Use the official App instead of the browser or any standard mail application
•Change or Upgrade the web browser being used for accessing AOL
•Prefer using IMAP settings instead of POP for setting up AOL on mobile


If even these workarounds fail to render a solution to you, then it could be a problem from AOL’s end itself, which is beyond your control to be fixed. Therefore, contact the AOL Support Executives as your next move to get rid of AOL syncing issue on your device. Other than that, you can also prefer to put up your query on popular / official forums to get a solution by contacting with users that have faced a similar situation in the past.