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What Is The Best Software For Merging PDF Files – 2020

Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: January 29th, 2024 ~ Tech Query ~ 4 Minutes Reading

What Is The Best Software For Merging PDF Files – 2020

In today’s technical arena, the majority of the people are depending on the PDF files for sharing the documents. This is so because PDF is the most reliable and secure file format, which is widely accepted among the users. However, sometimes users face difficulties to manage the huge collections of PDF files. Consequently, users are hunting for the best software for merging PDF files.

In this article, you will get to know about the best software for combining PDF files along with its great functionalities.

Before we get started, let’s discuss some benefits of joining the multiple PDF File together.

Why Merging the PDF file is Essential?

  • Merging PDF documents is vital if you want to save all your important information in just one document.
  • It is good to combine the various reports into one large file rather than individuals.
  • Easy handling of documents for large projects that include a huge number of files, plans, progress reports,
    and so forth.
  • It is easier to print or scan a single file instead of several PDF documents.

After knowing the advantages of merging the PDF files, you might be thinking… How can I merge the PDF file easily and conveniently? For this purpose, you need to know the best free software for combining PDF files. Here it is!

What is the Best Software for Merging PDF Files?

PDF Merger is the best tool that helps you to combine multiple PDF files without distorting the file format of the original document. This advanced tool incorporates high-end functionalities that can easily merge specific or all pages of a PDF file. The tool is able to save your merged PDFs both in a new PDF or within the present PDF without any data loss.

Let’s discuss some advantages of using this professional software.

Best Software Features

  • Preserves the orientation, format, shape, and formatting of files.
  • Maintains data integrity while merging PDF documents.
  • You can Merge PDFs via page range to join precise pages of PDFs.
  • Supports the merging of password-protected files.
  • Does not imposes any limitation on the number of PDF files
  • Merge documents and folders in bulk.
  • Compatible with all the available versions on PDF and Windows OS X

One can try the demo version to merge 5 PDF files. And if you want to upload numerous PDF documents, then you need to purchase its full version.

Working of PDF Merge Software- An Automated Tool

By performing the following steps you can easily merge your PDF files:

1. Download, install and run the tool to merge different PDF documents into one.
PDF watermark adder

2. Now, choose the Merge option from the list available in the software panel.

3. Click the Add File(s) or Add Folder option to select PDFs for merge.

4. Click the Merge button to choose multiple merging options available in the tool. Also, select the destination location for the resultant document.

5. Finally, a pop-up message of completion will be displayed on the screen.

After this, all the PDF files will get merged and you will be free from the hassle of handling separate attachments.

Pros and Cons of The Best Free Software For Merging PDF Files

1. Free of cost
2. Combines multiple PDF files
3. Easy-to-use interface
4. Compatible with all versions of PDF documents
1. The tool is not compatible with Mac.


Most of the time users want to combine their PDF files and for this purpose, they look for the best software for merging PDF files into one. However, there are several other online utilities available in the market. But, the biggest drawback is that they are not safe. So, after researching a lot, we have come up with an expert third-party tool that is a reliable and secure way to merge PDF files together. Thus, it’s rich features make this tool one of the best tools in the market.

Software to Combine PDF Files FAQ:

1. What is the best free software for merging pdf files online?
The PDF Merger tool is the best PDF merger as its advanced methodology helps the users to merge PDF files without any distortions or errors.

2. Can I merge password-protected PDF files?
Of course, with the help of this tool, you can easily merge the password-protected PDF files.

3. Is it possible to combine multiple PDF files at a time?
Yes, you can easily combine multiple PDF documents easily as there is no limitation on the number of PDF documents by this software.

4. Can I use this application on Windows 10 Operating System?
Yes, the software supports Windows OS 10 and below version to merge PDF into one PDF document.