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Best WannaCry Ransomware Protection Tips for Data Security

Mariya Beckham ~ Modified: May 18th, 2017 ~ Tech Query ~ 5 Minutes Reading

All You Need to Know About WannaCry Ransomware Protection Tips

Cybercrime had reached the new height of records when the whole world was alarmed with ransomware attack on 12 May 2017. It is an ongoing ransomware cyber attack that badly affects many organizations over 100 countries in just a time span of 48 hours. Moreover, the processor used by this malware is basically called as WannaCry/ WanaCrypt0r version 2.0. It is the biggest attack that has ever recorded. Hence, a better WannaCry Ransomware protection is necessary demand amonngst users. Thus, in this, all about What is Wcry Ransomware attack? How does it work? How one can prevent against WCry Ransomware? is discussed.

What is Ransomware?

It is basically a type of malware that locks the access to the device and after that demand ransom or money to unlock it. It is a software that is normally attached to an email as an attachment and pretend like something innocent. As a user open that attachment it quickly locks the hard drive by encrypting it. It becomes impossible for a user to access or retrieve any data from it. This blog will help you the best possible methods for Wanna Cry Ransomware Protection

What is WannaCry Ransomware Global Security Attack?

WannaCry ransomware is a type of virus attack that operates in the same manner as other malware. It can also be called as Wanna Decryptor and Wcry Ransomware also, In addition, it has more hazardous form compared to other malware that expands the sophistication of its operators. Moreover, all those intricacies are discussed below before understanding WannaCry Ransomware protection:

  • The exploits used by the malware were supposedly leaked out by the group called Shadow Brokers. These leaked exploits will give rise to the malicious actors and after that, they use them for their abominable activities.

  • Now, the first action performed by the WannaCry Ransomware after the attack is encrypting the files. Therefore, to do so, this malware uses strong, asymmetric encryption using the RSA 2048-bit cipher to encrypt the files. It is a slow process if compared with symmetric encryption, but at the same time really strong and hard to break.

  • The architecture used by the is standard, which includes the same feature that is used in legitimate software. It is also used in complex malware projects like banking Trojans. However, all type of ransomware are not modular, many of them are simple also and work without any modularity. From all this, it is pretty much clear that it is the not only single person behind WcryRansomware. It can be a group of people, developers or well organized complete cybercrime gang whose main motive is to spread malware like Dridex and Locky

To prevent the malware attack, many computer security organizations has decryption tool for ransomware for WannaCry Ransomware protection, which easily bypasses the effect of software. Moreover, Wcry ransomware’s bad effect can be permanent but there is always a silver lining i.e. a Kill Switch. It is a type of switch, which when triggered, prevents the execution in the affected system.

How to Check Ransomware Attack?

There are some possible actions that a user can perform to check the network or system is affected by WCry ransomware or not. Following are some of the best WannaCry Ransomware protection Tips:

  • System in Sleep Mode is not Infected

According to Trend Micro’s analysis & frameworks of WannaCry, it is clear that the ransomware attack will fail to if the system is in sleep mode even if TCP port 445 is opened & unpatched.

However, on the other hand, a section of WannaCry ransomware attack chain includes a connection to & infect more machines. However, if it comes in contact with a system in a sleep mode then, receives a socket error. Therefore, the malware directly moves to the coming next IP & try to access the system, which is connected to it.

  • If You Turn On the machine from Sleep Mode

When you wake up the system from sleep mode in an infected network, it will infect the system. Therefore, at that time IT or system administrators can apply the required patches and updates to the machine for WannaCry Ransomware protection. On the other hand, if you restart the already infected machine, then the kill switch is used to prevent WannaCry from performing encryption and propagation routines.

How to Prevent System From Wcry Ransomware?

Following are some of the precaution to be taken for WannaCry Ransomware protection. :

  • Patch Your System on Regular Basis

WannaCry underlines the importance of maintaining machines & networks updated and patched on regular basis. However, threats such as WannaCry misuses the vulnerabilities to get into the security gaps of an organization perimeter. It is because if the machine and network remain vulnerable for a long time, then it becomes easy for a user to the attacker to attack your system, therefore, it is always important to maintain a balance between business operation and need to secure them for best Wanna Cry Ransomware Protection.

  • Maintain Backup of your Data

Another best thing that a user can do against Ransomware attacks is taking backup of all important files and store it to some other system connected to the different network for best WannaCry Ransomware protection. It is because if a user is attacked by a malware like WCry Ransomware, then you still have an access to your important data. Now, in order to have a backup of crucial data of various type, it is advised to go for Data Recovery Solution available online.

Wrapping it up

Nowadays, as most of the topmost organization are suffering from a type of malware attack known as WCry Ransomware attack. Therefore, in this post, we have covered points that you need to know about WannaCry Ransomware protection. Moreover, how to check system or network affected by ransomware or not and various Wanna Cry Ransomware Protection measures are also discussed above.