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Can You Delete Gmail Emails by Date? Probability of Success

Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: March 22nd, 2022 ~ Technology ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Can you delete Gmail emails by date manually? Or is there any other solution to delete the data according to a certain time-period?

Sometimes, users find trouble while managing their mailbox data when the storage fills too quickly. The 15 GB storage is divided into three segments where Gmail gets 5 GB of free storage space.

When the user doesn’t get rid of old emails or useless emails in the mailbox, it gets difficult keeping it organized.

So, users prefer removing the data as per requirement or from a specific time-period.

But to delete emails from Gmail by date, there are certain filters that you can apply using the Gmail account itself.

The manual method that we are going to describe here is a simple technique but you will have to perform the process for every folder separately.

There is an intuitive solution that we are mentioning in the upcoming section which is capable of downloading the data locally, deleting it in bulk or selectively in accordance.

Let’s start with the methods and find out which is a more suitable solution.

Can You Delete Gmail Emails by Date Using a Top-Notch Solution?

Yes, you can easily delete the emails from a selective time-period with the help of the Date-filter provided by the Experienced Gmail Email Backup Tool.

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This tool will perform 3 procedures together i.e. pick emails from a specific time-period, download them as backup to make sure no crucial emails are lost, & delete them after export.

During the backup, the software also keeps the folder structure maintained even after the transfer and the metadata is protected throughout.

Take a glance at the steps of the software.

Follow the Steps to Delete Emails from Gmail by Date

1. Run the tool and launch it on your local device. Fill in the credentials to login your account.


2. Navigate to the Select Email Format section and click on the format for downloading messages locally. Choose the Browse button for selecting a destination.


3. Select the Delete after Download tab to apply the feature for deleting emails from the server.


4. In the Apply Filters section, click on the Date-filter & set the dates for choosing a time-period. Then, select folders from the Emails-filter.


5. Begin the procedure to answer “can you delete Gmail emails by date” by clicking on the Start button.


The software provides multiple file formats to choose from including the following; PST, EML, MSG, PDF, ICS, VCF, & MBOX.

Also, there is an Incremental Backup feature which is capable of picking only the newly arrived emails from the mailbox.

This avoids the previously downloaded messages and makes the procedure of exporting new data convenient for users.

Does Gmail Provide An Option to Delete the Emails Manually?

Indeed. The Gmail account is capable of deleting messages by searching for the required data via filter.

Follow these steps:

1. Open Gmail to delete emails from Gmail by date & go to the Search tab.

2. Enter the command for a specific folder or category such as “category:social, older_than:1y” to display the related emails.


3. Mark the Select All checkbox to choose the emails from the page, or choose the Select all conversations option.


4. Press the Delete option to remove the data.

5. Go to the Bin folder and select the emails.

6. Choose the Delete Forever or Empty Bin Now option.


7. Click on the OK button to confirm.


There are certain limitations of this procedure.

Can You Delete Gmail Emails by Date Manually Has Certain Drawbacks

Whenever there is a need to delete the data, you first have to make sure that there are no important emails present in the batch that you are deleting.

If you find certain important messages, you have to backup this data via Google Takeout tool which is another procedure that takes a lot of time.

Deletion of data takes time if you want to remove emails from certain folders or categories as the procedure needs to be performed separately and becomes a lengthy procedure.

Reasons to Backup & Delete Emails from Gmail by Date

  • The free storage space gets filled up quickly and it becomes difficult managing the mailbox.
  • To avoid losing important data, it is important to take a backup of these emails and then delete them to get more storage space and ignore purchasing.
  • It is preferable to download the data on the local storage for keeping it safe if sensitive information is present in the messages & delete it in case the account is compromised.

Can You Delete Gmail Emails by Date – Reviews for the Professional Tool

User 1 – After using the software, I realized that it is far better than the manual procedure I had been trying to perform. I was really worried about my data as I couldn’t make copies of the data quickly. This tool helps me to download all the data and then, delete them automatically. I would recommend users to implement this software for such operations.

User 2 – Using this tool made it so easy to transfer data in bulk to the local storage as backup and remove it from the mailbox simultaneously. The features of this tool are simple and they can easily help you to perform the procedure without any trouble.

To Summarize

When the emails fill your storage space, users generally ask if there is any way to delete these emails. But, can you delete Gmail emails by date using the manual method in an efficient manner? The blog states all the drawbacks that the manual solution consists of.

The reasons for deleting the data and the best solutions are described here. Find out about the methods to download emails from a selective period of time and delete the same from the mailbox in a single procedure.