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Cannot Access Verizon Yahoo Emails? Know How to Regain this Lost Access

Mariya Beckham ~ Modified: August 11th, 2017 ~ Backup, Tech Query ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Access to Verizon Yahoo Mails: Know How To Do It

Are you also looking for a solution to access Verizon Yahoo emails? Do you want to regain the lost access to Verizon emails through Yahoo? Yahoo mail has frequently been in the news for some or the other reason. Earlier the privacy invasion caused trouble to millions of Yahoo users around the world. Afterward came in the issue of Yahoo diminishing as an email service that users would prefer over others like; Gmail, Outlook.com, and more such. It was some or the other issue cropping up for Yahoo, making it difficult for the web service to survive in the competitive world.

After all the difficulties, came another one; a downtime. The downtime is not as minor as it seems and has affected a mass number of users worldwide in different geographical locations, but not all it seems. This issue has been cropping up gradually in different parts of the world from the past 3 months and over. The following segment talks in detail about the issue and the possible measures that can be taken in order to overcome its consequences.

What Kind of Downtime is Occurring Worldwide?

A number of forum pages online are flooding in with queries from the past three months complaining about the issue of downtime in Yahoo. The queries state the following issues surfacing:

  • Yahoo mail not working every time a login is attempted to the account
  • On attempting to log into Yahoo the webpage states: This site can’t be reached
  • When tried logging into Yahoo, the page redirects to Verizon website
  • The page keeps loading and doesn’t succeed despite uninterrupted network
  • Cannot load the page. Always end up with the error “Technical difficulties. Try again later”

Regions Affected by the Downtime

The issue is not regional but universal; therefore, it has been cropping up in one or the other region every now and then. Thus, a worldwide set of Yahoo email users is observed being affected by the downtime.
This downtime has not reached not only to some countries but has reached most of them. Thailand, San Diego, New York, India, and Honolulu, are some of the countries and places around the world that are affected by the downtime. The reported locations have been detected by the queries and complaints left by respective users on Twitter and forum pages.
The intensity of the downtime has been so severe that in some regions it has even lasted for more than two days with no measures taken to deal with it.
As a result of the downtime a number of queries came forward, giving rise to a new angle to the whole issue:

  • Why does Yahoo redirect to Verizon on every login attempt?
  • How to get Verizon Yahoo email?
  • What to do if Verizon Yahoo emails not working?

Like these user queries, there are many users who cannot access Verizon Yahoo emails. But, before going to find a solution, first, we have to understand that what is the reason behind this downtime.

What Exactly is the Downtime About?

As discussed above, the issue is not just the downtime of Yahoo server, but it’s a downtime caused due to the acquisition of Yahoo by Verizon. After a long struggle of many months, Yahoo was acquired by Verizon in the month of July. The bidding process was started by Yahoo, which finally found a buyer- Verizon. The core business of Yahoo was acquired for $4.83 billion (in cash) which includes the advertising content, mobile activities and searches.
Therefore, even the users who tried attempting a login from their smartphones surfaced an issue with their account accessibility on Yahoo. A number of users who tried resolving the problem at their end came forward with complaints stating “can’t add my Verizon Yahoo email to Outlook 2013” while attempting to access their Yahoo account via desktop configuration. However, the attempt failed to baffle the users by the questions arising upon the security of their account data.

How to Access/Read Verizon Yahoo Email?

Coming across all the failed attempts at accessing Yahoo emails, the only way that emerges to read Verizon Yahoo emails is using a third party tool. We have come across a utility which is successful at helping users to view Verizon Yahoo emails. Moreover, in addition to the ability to read emails, the tool also offers Yahoo Backup by allowing the generation of a local copy for the downloaded emails.


We have discussed the causes and the adverse effects that why a user cannot access Verizon Yahoo emails, a solution to this problem is also being mentioned in this write-up. As the technical issues and conflicts tend to occur every now and then, but, what is important in such an era is to be prepared with a backup plan. One must have either a backup or a toolkit capable enough to fill in for it. Yahoo, since its acquisition by Verizon, has been surfacing technical issues for users on a larger and mass scale. Yahoo backup utility has come out as an efficient solution for tackling with the downtime issue encountered by a mass number of Yahoo users around the world. Backups are always considered the best for business continuity, however, in this case, it will be helpful for even the home based users and students who lost the access to their accounts storing an innumerous amount of personal and significant data. After going through this blog, one can easily regain the lost access to Verizon Yahoo emails.