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How to Convert OLM calendar to ICAL

Anuraag Singh ~ Published: 29-Mar-2022 ~ Mac Outlook ~ 4 Minutes Reading

If you are Microsoft Outlook for mac users and do you want to convert the olm calendar to ical? If your answer is yes and you are finding the best solution on the internet. Then you don’t need to get panic. Just take a long breath and start reading our blog. Here is the best solution to convert OLM to ICS.

“I’m a Mac Outlook 2016 user who wishes to migrate my calendars to a Windows-based email client.” I sought a solution and learned that ICS is a global calendar format.

Unfortunately, calendars saved in this format cannot be saved in Mac Outlook. Is there a way to convert OLM Calendar to ICAL file format?

If this is the case, please let me know how I can finish the task. Thanks!!”

“Hello, I’d want to access the Outlook calendar on my Mac on my phone.” I have a lot of events and appointments saved in my Mac Outlook.

The Outlook file is saved in OLM format, but it cannot be Exported to ICS. Please provide me with a way to convert OLM to ICS file.”

In this post, we’ll show you how to export Mac Outlook calendar 2016 to ICS format using a professional solution.

Method to Convert OLM to ICS

There are two options for completing this task:

  • Exporting Mac Outlook calendars to ICS through the manual method.
  • Export OLM files to ICS files using an automated application.

How to Convert OLM Calendar to ICAL Manually?

Mac Outlook uses the OLM file format to store calendars, emails, and contacts. In addition, no other email software accepts the OLM file except Mac Outlook. Calendars created in Mac Outlook must first be convert OLM to ICS file format before being used in other email apps.

The following is the manual method for accomplishing this:

  • In Mac Outlook, go to the Calendars tab.
  • Then, using the drag-and-drop method, choose Calendars.

This method allows you to drag and drop calendars to the desktop with ease. Although it is a simple technique, exporting Outlook calendars from a Mac takes some time since each one must be dragged and dropped separately.

The Professional Way to Convert OLM to ICS

Using SysTools Mac OLM Migrator, an OLM to ICS converter for Mac is the easiest way to read Outlook Mac Calendar in numerous email clients. It is the most effective way to Export Mac OLM files to ICS without losing data in bulk. It is possible to send several OLM files to ICS without any issues.

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Step-by-step Process

  • Download and run the software in your OS.
  • Click on add file option and add your olm file in the software.
  • After that, you can get a complete preview of your data.
  • Then, choose the ICS option from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, select a destination location and click on Export Button.
  • Finally, exported OLM Calendar to ICAL file format.

export as ics

Advantages of using Our Tool

  • Convert OLM to ICS for Mac supports Outlook for Mac 2011, 2016, 2019, and older OLM file formats.
  • Use the Add Folder option to choose several files
  • Save the resultant file to the chosen location
  • No file size restriction when uploading large OLM files
  • Exporter Mac Outlook Calendar to ICS format in bulk
  • Easy to use and understand user interface

Conclusion of Convert OLM Calendar to ICAL

Because it completes the procedure without causing any data loss, the OLM to iCal converter is an excellent solution for convert OLM to ICS format and restoring Mac data. After following the instructions, anyone can convert OLM calendar to ICAL file. The utility comes with a free demo edition that may be used to test the product before purchasing license keys. To begin, use the free OLM to ICS exporter to get the most out of it, and then upgrade to the Pro edition if you’re happy.

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