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How to Convert OLM to vCard

Anuraag Singh ~ Published: April 12th, 2022 ~ Mac Outlook ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Contacts are crucial when it comes to talking with one another, as we all know. Most users want to Convert OLM to vCard (vcf) file without having to utilize Outlook. Importing vCard files into a number of email apps, email systems, and digital devices is straightforward.

In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of exporting Outlook OLM contacts to VCF (vCard format). This article describes what a VCard is, why we convert OLM contacts to VCF format, how to do it manually and professionally, and how to do it.

User Query

“I work for a company that allows me to access my emails on a Mac, but COVID-19 enables me to work from home.” I’d like to be able to open emails from Mac Outlook in Windows Outlook. Nothing worked after I tried a lot of software, read a lot of blogs, and watched a lot of videos. Someone, someone, come up with a meaningful solution to this problem.”

Throughout this essay, we will provide you with the following information?

  • Overview of the file formats Convert OLM to vCard
  • Automated Tool to Sync Outlook Contacts on Mac to iCloud
  • How to Export Mac Outlook Contacts Manually
  • Features of Automated Tools
  • Summary

Method 1: Manually Convert OLM to vCard

  1. Open Mac Outlook and go to the Tool menu.
  2. Choose Outlook for Mac Data File from the drop-down menu after clicking the Export button.
  3. Select the contacts checkbox from the list of data items.
  4. Select a location to save the produced file.

Using the method mentioned above, contacts from Mac Outlook may be easily exported in OLM format. Given that the OLM file format isn’t supported by iCloud, you might be asking why we need to go through these steps.

Just keep your calm and read the rest of the article…

Manual Method Drawback

This method has a number of disadvantages, including the following:

  • Using the manual method, there is no way to convert selected contacts from OLM files.
  • To export contacts, just one OLM file is necessary. If the user has several Convert OLM to vCard files, there is no way to save contacts from all of them at the same time.
  • There may be issues converting contact information from a large OLM file, and data loss is a possibility.
  • We advocate implementing automated software that can instantly suppress the point indicated above to get around these limitations.

Why do users need to export OLM contacts to vCard file?

The main reason for switching from OLM to vCard is because of user requirements. Some of the causes are as follows:

  • An OLM file contains emails, calendars, contacts, notes, and other items. Some users, on the other hand, only want to utilize contacts and ignore the rest of the data; in this case, they must convert OLM to vCard.
  • Because VCF is a typical file format for storing all contact information, many people try to convert OLM files to VCF. After converting the Mac OLM file to vCard, you may use it to import it into a range of electronic devices and email services.
  • Because it contains a variety of data kinds, the OLM file requires more storage space to maintain data. Because vCard is a lightweight format that allows users to store simply contacts, people prefer it over Mac OLM for contact management.
  • OLM files are difficult to access on a variety of electronic devices, but vCard files function on a variety of platforms, including Mac OS, Windows, Android phones, tablets, and iPhones.

Method 2: Automated way to Convert OLM to vCard

A professional solution may be utilized if a manual process fails. PST Converter may be used by non-technical people who are uncomfortable with technical words.

The best tool for Convert OLM to vCard Converter. Using this method, you may quickly recover contacts in VCF format from a PST file. When working with the PST file, the technique is unaffected by any file size limitations. It can also immediately convert pst files to other formats.

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Step-by-step Method

  • Download and run the software in your os.
  • After that, upload your OLM file to the software via Add file/ Add folder option.
  • Now, you can get a complete preview of your olm data.
  • Apply Advance Setting.
  • And, Click on the Export button and select the vCard option from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, select the destination location in the software.
  • Finally, click on the Export button to start the whole process.

export as vcf


After considering all of the above, one may simply utilize a third-party application to convert OLM to VCF. One such software is the one listed above, which has a slew of intricate capabilities that we’ve already looked into. We’ve also gone over the tool’s whole operation procedure in great depth. You simply need to download this software to learn how to convert OLM to vCard quickly.