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The Expert Solution: Export EarthLink Email to Thunderbird Quickly

Mariya Beckham ~ Modified: December 24th, 2019 ~ Technology ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Export EarthLink Email to Thunderbird: A Quick Expert Solution

Have you become sick of searching for the method to export EarthLink email to Thunderbird? Do you find it tough to perform this task? If your answer is yes, then this blog is for you only. It is necessary to know why we need to transfer EarthLink emails to Mozilla Thunderbird. In the upcoming part, we will discuss a professional way to perform this along with a manual trick.

Understand Why We Need to Migrate EarthLink to Thunderbird

The popularity of Thunderbird in industries does not need any evidence. In the present era, it is one of the preferable platforms for the storage of data and cross-communication. It has a very simple interface making it easy for users to access the data. Moreover, it supports MBOX format to store its data. Various email clients such as EarthLink, SeaMonkey, Eudora, etc support MBOX.

The email client EarthLink has many limitations when compared to Mozilla Thunderbird. EarthLink service only supports POP3 not IMAP, i.e. in some cases it also supports IMAP but this is only on business email accounts, not for personal accounts. Therefore the biggest concern is to save EarthLink emails to Thunderbird, go smoothly and easily, with the least chance of something going wrong and losing all emails.

Commonly Asked User Queries About Export EarthLink Email to Thunderbird

“I need to move EarthLink emails to Thunderbird having it not transferred in a way that it is much harder to search and find old email messages. And I am also concerned about missing or losing my emails. Is there any tool available to backup EarthLink to Thunderbird directly?”

“I need to export EarthLink into Thunderbird in MBOX file format. There are a large number of emails in my account. Is there any efficient manual method or free tools available to copy EarthLink mail to Thunderbird?”

“Help! Our organization is using EarthLink from a very long time. However, recently all the seniors have decided to use Thunderbird email application. Now, the problem is I want to migrate the emails from EarthLink to Mozilla Thunderbird, as it contains many crucial emails. I have asked my seniors for the same, but they are still looking for a relevant method to execute this migration. Can anyone suggest me any trick for this?”

Sometimes users need to import MBOX file of EarthLink to Thunderbird format. One of such situations is mentioned in the above query. This article discusses the manual as well as automatic methods to solve it. Let us proceed to a manual method first which explains how to transfer emails from EarthLink mailbox to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Import MBOX to Thunderbird From EarthLink Webmail in EML File Format

EML format can be accessed in Mozilla Thunderbird easily. Therefore, we can export EarthLink email to Thunderbird in EML file format manually. Follow the instructions given below:

  • First, from EarthLink Mailbox, detach the emails into directories of 500 messages to process them more efficiently.
  • Now, in each created directories, choose the messages and then click on ‘Forward
  • Then, you will see all the emails you have chosen are now added as EML files to the message you are composing. Store those messages as a draft.
  • After this, go drafts folder.
  • Choose the message and then click on File>>Save as.
  • Pick a destination to save the file (the composed message will be stored as EML with the attached EML data files within it).
  • Next, open that message in Mozilla Thunderbird and choose ‘Save All’ for all the attachments.
  • Finally, select the destination to store all the emails

Problems While Transferring EarthLink to Thunderbird Manually

This method is useful, but it does not ensure the safety of the data. There is a high chance of getting your data corrupted. And such cases can only be recovered by a technical expert. And also the manual process to export EarthLink email to Thunderbird takes much time for the completion. This is the main reason why the users search for a third-party utility which also can perform bulk transfer of EarthLink emails to Mozilla Thunderbird.
Thunderbird Import Wizard is a trouble free solution which performs EarthLink to Thunderbird conversion effectively.

What is So Unique About Mozilla Thunderbird Import Wizard?

Import MBOX to Thunderbird from EarthLink Webmail becomes very easy with this modern technology. Users can copy any MBOX file without bothering about the email client to which it belongs. This means MBOX files from The Bat!, Eudora, EarthLink, Pocomail, Mac mail, etc. can be moved to Mozilla Thunderbird. Instead of going through the manual procedure, which does not provide the guaranteed results, users can opt for this software. i.e. the users can choose the automated product to export EarthLink email to Thunderbird. The utility brings forth excellent features to perform the process in a safe and secure manner. Some of the major advantages of using this tool are:

  • Upload MBOX files into Mozilla Thunderbird in Batch Mode at once.
  • Comes up with two different options to move the files i.e. Select File(s) or Select Folder(s)
  • Transfers the MBOX data along with the attachments.
  • Provide facility to perform Selective Import with the help of Date Filter option.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows Operating system.
  • It retains the integrity of the data and preserves folder structure as well.
  • There is no file size restriction with this software.
  • No need of installing Thunderbird email application in the machine to perform the process of saving MBOX files.
  • Completes the process in a quick and accurate way.

Note: Email client from which you are copying the MBOX files must be configured in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Client Review of the Wizard

Let us take a review of a user who used this amazing software to export EarthLink email to Thunderbird. It clearly shows its popularity among its users:

“Moving files from one platform to other platform is always been a tough task for me. When I learned that I am in a need of uploading MBOX files of EarthLink to Thunderbird, I became very confused. I kept on thinking that how to import MBOX to Thunderbird. Moreover, I searched for some relevant tricks to perform this. This is here this tool helped me out. Thunderbird Import Wizard proves like a boon to me. I executed the task very easily, using this software. Now, I can access EarthLink emails in Thunderbird profile without any inconvenience.”

The Bottom Line

In the above section, we have introduced a useful strategy to export EarthLink email to Thunderbird. It is one of the best product available to backup EarthLink to Thunderbird, and it is called as Thunderbird Import Wizard. This tool has become very demanding due to all the reasons as mentioned above in the blog. Users can trust this utility and execute the process very easy.