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How to Export Contacts from Outlook to Gmail? – Solution

Anuraag Singh ~ Published: 04-Jul-2020 ~ Tech Query ~ 2 Minutes Reading

MS Outlook used to be the first preference of the users when it came to communication but now as Gmail is a legitimate option that is dethroning Outlook as the most used email client, more and more users are moving towards Gmail. According to a survey conducted, Gmail has 38% of the market share as compared to Outlook which is the choice of only 9% of the users. With its fast-growing popularity, more and more businesses are making a drastic shift from Outlook to Google to send emails back and forth.

In this article, we will be showing you different methods to export contacts from Outlook to Gmail. An Outlook contact is a location where users can store all the address information required either for business purposes or personal reasons. It contains information like name, address, email, notes, phone numbers, etc.

“Our company decided to migrate contacts from Outlook to Gmail and we need to make this shift in a short period. But as I tried doing it on my own, it seems to be a very long process with no end whatsoever. Is there any fast and reliable method to do so?”

How to Export Contacts from Outlook to Gmail?

There are two possible ways to complete this job. One is to do it manually and the other one is to use a software. Considering the fact that there are multiple contacts to be transferred, it can be a very daunting task to achieve manually. Also, transferring contacts from Outlook to Gmail without using the tool would require you to export one contact at a time which is not the case with the application to move Outlook contacts to Google CSV which enables you to export multiple files at a time.

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