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How to Export Zimbra to PST

Anuraag Singh ~ Published: April 14th, 2022 ~ pst, Zimbra ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Hello, I’m really in need of your help. I’ve been using Zimbra for the past few years, but I’d like to switch to Outlook. But there’s a catch: I need all of the emails from my old Zimbra account as well. I’ve looked all over the internet for a solution, but so far I haven’t found anything that works. Please provide a way to Export Zimbra to PST files.

So, if you’re having problems like these, you’ve come to the right spot.

We’ll go through how to export Zimbra zdb to PST file format from Outlook in this post, which is a frequently asked subject among Zimbra users.

Small and large businesses may simply utilize the Zimbra email client for their mailing requirements since it provides data protection and monitoring.

Zimbra mail may be used to manage mailbox items such as contacts, subfolders, notes, and tasks.

Microsoft Outlook, on the other hand, is Microsoft’s free personal mail and calendar client.

Users Query

Good day, there! I have over 1000 email messages and attachments on my Zimbra client. Now that I’ve made the decision to convert Zimbra tgz to PST format, I’m looking for a way to batch convert the data files on the Zimbra server.

I require a professional automated solution because this is a technologically complex operation, and I do not want my data to be lost during the conversion. Please offer a safe and secure Zimbra tgz to Outlook PST converter solution.

How to Export Zimbra to PST file?

There are two parts to the conversion from Zimbra to Outlook:

  1. Export emails from Zimbra.
  2. Export Zimbra tgz to PST file.

Step 1: From the Zimbra application, export emails to TGZ file

Before exporting data to Outlook, you must first extract emails from the Zimbra email client. Because Zimbra can import and export data, the files may be extracted using the import/export function. Observe the directions –

  • To get started, open the Zimbra application on your PC.
  • Select Import/Export from the left side.
  • A screen with an export window will display.
  • After selecting the desired export data format, click the Save File option from the presented Window.

Step 2: Convert EML to Outlook

EML files may be opened at any time using the Outlook desktop client.

Migrating EML files to an Outlook desktop client may appear to be overkill.

  • In the Outlook desktop client, click the Folder button. After that, select New Folder from the drop-down menu.
  • Change the name of the folder.
  • This folder should be dragged and dropped into for all EML emails.

Step 3: From Outlook, Export Zimbra mailbox to PST files

It may now store Zimbra emails (from Outlook) as a PST file on your PC.

  1. From the File tab’s left pane, choose Open & Export.
  2. Go to the Import and Export section. As a consequence, the Import and Export Wizard will open. From the drop-down option, choose Export to a file.
  3. From the drop-down option, select Outlook Data File (.pst).
  4. Go to the directory where the Zimbra backup files are kept.
  5. To save the file, select Browse from the File menu and go to the desired location.
  6. Locate the PST file that was previously saved in the previously specified location.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully export Zimbra mailbox tgz to PST format on your hard disc.

Method 2: Export Zimbra to PST

Users may convert Zimbra backups to PST format using any dependable method at any time. The Zimbra Converter Software application makes convert Zimbra TGZ to PST files simple and rapid. Users may now import Zimbra directly into Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and older Outlook versions. The solution allows users to transfer directly from Zimbra to Outlook.

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Step-by-step Method

  • Download and Run the Software in your os.
  • Upload your TGZ file via Add file/Add folder option.
  • After that, you can get a complete preview of your data with attachments.
  • Click on the Export button and select the PST option from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Destination Location and hit the Export button.
  • Finally, Exported Zimbra TGZ to PST.

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To summarize, both of the methods discussed above are effective for export Zimbra to PST format. On the other hand, manual procedures have a number of drawbacks, including the fact that they are time-consuming and lengthy, as well as the risk of data loss. Customers may also acquire a one-stop software solution for all Zimbra conversions by clicking the download icon on this page.