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Learn to Extract MSG from PST File

extract MSG from PST
Mariya Beckham ~ Modified: January 29th, 2024 ~ Technology ~ 4 Minutes Reading

In today’s era, each and every user wants to be saved in a secure and well-organized way so that it can be easily accessed in the future. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email client used by the individuals as well as organizations who want to exchange information with the help of emails. As we all know, Microsoft Outlook saves all its data including emails in PST files. But some Outlook users want to extract MSG from PST file due to some possible reasons. This blog will discuss both Manual & the Professional solution to make this migration process easy and simple for the users. But, before performing PST to MSG conversion, let us have a quick overview of both the file formats:

Personal Storage Table (PST)

PST file format is the default format of MS Outlook in which the entire items of mailbox data is stored which includes mails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, etc. PST format can be used with POP3, IMAP and other web-based email accounts. Since PST files are saved on the user’s system, so these files can be moved to empty the free space from the mail server.


MSG file format is exclusively used by MS Outlook only. It stores the plain ASCII text for the header part, main body, hyperlinks and the attachments. The advantage of using these MSG files is that it can be used for the storage and archiving purposes. These MSG files enable users to download the mails with the help of POP3 client to view the emails along with its attributes even if the Outlook is not connected to the internet.

Need to Extract MSG from PST file

Sometimes, some of the Outlook users want to convert PST to MSG due to some possible reasons. In the below-given section, we have discussed some of the most common reasons which are responsible for this conversion process:

  • Access Data Easily: It makes it easier for the user to access Microsoft Outlook’s data.
  • Easily Manageable: After performing PST to MSG conversion, it becomes easy and necessary for the users to manage the saved Outlook emails in multiple aspects.
  • Less Chances of Data Corruption: Once the PST file is exported to MSG, there are less chances of data corruption.
  • Archiving Forensic Emails: One more advantage to extract MSG from PST is that it can be used for the purpose of email forensic because it is capable of maintaining the data integrity

How to Convert MSG to PST Manually

  1. Create a new folder on your system.
  2. Install and run MS Outlook.
  3. Navigate to inbox → Select the mail messages to be migrated.
  4. Finally, the selected messages are converted to MSG file format.

The above discussed Manual technique is easy to perform but every manual approach has some limitations associated with it. So, using this approach you cannot extract MSG from PST in batch at a time. Hence, it will consume a lot of time if users are having large quantity of mails to be converted.

Professional Approach

There are always few limitations associated with the Manual method such that the user is not able to convert multiple files at a time. In order to save the user’s time and efforts, it is always advised to opt a professional utility such as PST Converter using which users can easily migrate multiple files in one go. One more advantage of using this software is that users can also perform batch conversion in a very simple and user-friendly manner without losing any data.


In the above-discussed blog, we have discussed both PST and MSG file formats. After this, the reasons to extract MSG from PST file are also discussed. Both the Manual and Automated techniques are described in this blog to perform PST to MSG in a simple and reliable manner.