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Soon Gmail will not support older version of Google Chrome

Mariya Beckham ~ Modified: February 9th, 2017 ~ Tech Query ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Gmail has now become a platform to store and exchange the emails. It is most of the popular email application, which not only used for the exchange of text but also to share videos, audios, attachments, etc. Even though many more email applications are launching every day, still the number of Gmail users is increasing day by day. Many organizations use Gmail to maintain the continuity of their work. Apart from the popularity of Gmail, we know that Google Chrome is generally used for the browsing. Considering all the above things and looking at the number of Gmail users, what if Gmail stopped working on chrome?

There is a news in the world of technology that now Gmail will not support Google Chrome older version. Because of this, many of the Gmail users are worried and there is only one question in every techie’s mind the Is Gmail is not supporting Chrome Older Version?
Now, in the following section, we will find out that if the news is true that Gmail will not support Google Chrome or not.

What’s the truth behind Gmail is Not Supporting Google Chrome Older Version

Gmail Not Working On Google Chrome, yes this is Absolutely True the exact truth is that Gmail no longer supporting Chrome Browser version 53 and below. The Gmail users still using Google Chrome Browser v53 and below can see a banner at the top of the Gmail interface. This step has encouraged the up-gradation to the latest version of Google Chrome, which is version 55. It has started from 8th February 2017.
This step is taken due to the safety and security of the user’s data. The latest version of Google Chrome i.e. v55 has various essential features and some of the security updates. The users who are still using Windows XP and Windows Vista must be ready to face some problems related to this. The reason behind this is that Windows XP and Windows Vista both operating system supports version 49 of Google Chrome.
Read below-mentioned things to know what happens if users continue the use the use of Google Chrome version 53 and below?

  • This brings some relief to the users that Gmail will continue to work on Chrome Browser v53 and below through the end of this year, which means till 2017.
  • If users continue their work on older versions of the Chrome they have to face some issues like Gmail will be more vulnerable to the security risks. Also, users will unable to access new features of Gmail.

Problem Gmail Users May Face

As we have already discussed the popularity of Gmail so, it is quite obvious that users have to face some problems. The following queries are found to make this topic more clear:

“I have been using Windows XP operating system for a long time. Recently, I have heard this news from my friend that Gmail not working on chrome. Is this true? I tried to find out the answer but was unable to find any.”

“I have lots of data on Gmail and I am not sure whether that updated version of Chrome will work on my operating system or not.Now, just want to know that if there is any alternative method so that I can secure my Gmail data. Please suggest me any method to resolve this issue”

Recommendation to Manage Gmail Data

First of all, you can update Chrome version to the latest version update to resolve the issue Gmail stopped working on chrome. It is possible that you need to migrate the data to another operating system. The need of the migration arises when updated Google Chrome version does not support to the operating system you are using.

It has not been declared yet, that when will Google discontinue the support for older versions of Chrome. This is because there is some supported browser policy which Google has to follow. And according to this, only the latest version of Chrome is supported now.

Gmail Backup Tool

Users can also, take the back-up of the Gmail data to ensure the security of the Gmail data. For this, they can take help of third party utility, namely Gmail Backup Tool. With the help of this software, the whole of Gmail can be restored to a safe location. These are some following steps you need to follow to take the back-up of the data:

  • Firstly, download and install the Gmail Backup tool. You need to go to the Start >> All Programs >> Gmail Backup Tool to launch the software.
  • Choose the desired language and then, log in to the tool by putting in the credentials.
  • Now, for authentication, you will be redirected automatically to the browser. Click OK to proceed further.

  • After that, log in to your Gmail account and click on Accept button. Once you accept you can see the interface of software as authenticated user.

  • Next, choose a desired output file format from EML, MBOX, MSG & PST File to store the email backup. Once you did that Select destination location where you want to store the backup data.

  • Now, choose from the given options, i.e. Delete after Download and Apply Filter Option .

  • After choosing all the filter options, click on the Start button to initialize the backup process.

  • This software displays the process with Mail Counts, Calendar count, Contact count, Progress, the name of the Current folder, path of destination and provides connection status respectively.

  • Once the backup is done software will display a message as Download Completed successfully. Then, click OK to proceed further.

  • You can also preview and verify the result of Conversion.


The statement, that Gmail Not Working on Google Chrome is absolutely true and users have to prepare themselves to face this situation. In this above blog, we have tried to resolve some of the users’ queries related to “Is Gmail is not supporting Google Chrome Older Version?” We have also, discussed a method to create a backup Gmail data with the help of third party utility, which has given the best solution to overcome this problem.