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How to Repair Exchange Database Without Log Files

Kerry Morris ~ Published: 25-Aug-2017 ~ Exchange ~ 4 Minutes Reading

How to Repair Exchange Database Without Log Files

Exchange database is considered as a store house of information. It consists of multiple mailboxes for each user. Any corruption in the Exchange database can be a major loss to the organization as it stores huge amount of data. There are transaction log files in MS Exchange that plays a very important role in organizing the data. If Exchange database is corrupted, then one can use log files to recover his data. In the following article, we are going to discuss ways to repair Exchange database without log files.

Hey! I am in trouble. I am running a small organization and I have a lot of important data in my Exchange server. Suddenly, I am unable to access the mailboxes and getting errors. I tried to recover the database but couldn’t succeed because I have no transaction log files with me. I don’t know how to recover exchange database without log files. Please provide a solution to repair my mailboxes. Thanks in Advance!

Instant Solution: A user can recover Exchange Transaction Log Files With the help of best-automated tool which Repair Corrupt Exchange Database

Why is Exchange Transaction Log Files Important?

Microsoft Exchange is a transaction based emailing application. Any operation like inserting, updating, deleting, etc. is considered as a transaction which is recorded by database log files. All the record entries are stored in the log file. If a user needs to backup or recovery Exchange data then log files are very important. If the database is in a healthy state, then this file also updates with the latest transaction done on the Exchange server. To repair Exchange database, it is important to know the state of the database server.

If the last transaction is committed to the database before shut down then the database is in healthy or consistent state and it is said to be in clean shutdown state. But if the log file is detached before committing the transaction than it is in an inconsistent state. The database is said to be in dirty shutdown state. One can know the present state by using the following command:

C:\program Files\exchsrvr\bin>eseutil/mh “C:\program files\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb”

Solution to Repair Exchange database without log files

It is easy to recover the Exchange mailbox with log files by directly executing the inbuilt utility. But if a user has accidentally deleted Exchange log files then the replay process will fail entirely and you may get certain errors like:

Error -501 (JET_errLogFileCorrupt) – It means that the Log File is Corrupt
Error -514 (JET_errBadLogVersion) – In this error, a log file is generated with different Exchange Server version or edition”
Error -515 (JET_errInvalidLogSequence) – Any of the log files can be missing from the sequence
Error -533 (JET_errCheckpointCorrupt) – The error may arise if the Checkpoint file is deleted or corrupted

With the help of an inbuilt utility, you can repair the database with or without transactional log files. Run the following command to fix the errors.

D:\Program files\Exchsrvr\Bin>eseutil /p “D:\Exchsrvr\Mailbox Store(SERVER).edb

This command will work but it may lead to data loss if the database is corrupted due to damaged pages, broken links of pages or deleted B-tree structure. There is a need to rebuild the database with the help of offline defragmentation. You need to correct the database structure manually. Therefore, In order to repair Exchange database without log files and save the data, you can go for an automated solution through which you can avoid lengthy and time-consuming processes. With the help of a professional tool, you can restore Exchange mailbox and recover the entire database without Transaction Log files. This solution can save your time and execute the process in a simple way. One can bring the Exchange database back to the consistent or healthy state without any data loss. It is easy to perform the recovery process on Exchange 2016 and all the below versions.

Wrapping Up

Exchange Server manages the bulk data and any data corruption can lead to data loss. A user can try above approaches to repair Exchange database without log files. You can run the inbuilt utility or the automated solution as discussed above. We have covered all the details regarding the log files and if somehow, you lost your log files then also you can repair all the mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange database.

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