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How to Import OLM Files to Mac Mail

Anuraag Singh ~ Published: 22-Mar-2022 ~ Mac ~ 4 Minutes Reading

The entire import olm files to Mac Mail conversion is cantered on two fantastic email clients: Apple Mail, MS Outlook. Outlook for Mac is a commercial email software that can be downloaded after making a payment.

Apple Mail, on the other hand, is the free and default email client for Mac OS X 10.0 and later. Even though both systems allow users to exchange emails, they do it in different ways. When compared to Outlook for Mac, most customers find Mac Mail to be superior.

Mac Outlook and Mac Mail both utilize the OLM file format to store data, but Mac Mail uses MBOX. As a result, importing Outlook OLM to Mac Mail is a difficult task.

How to Import OLM Files to Mac Mail user’s Question.

Data Users may find importing Outlook OLM to Mac Mail to be a difficult operation. Allow us to comprehend the issue with user inquiries related to the import. Mac Mail: olm to olm:

Hey, on my Mac, I’m using Outlook as my email client. However, I have an official Apple Mail email account that contains certain vital data files. I’d want to import OLM files to Mac Mail. I’ve looked for a long time for a solid technique to import the MBOX file into Apple Mail but have yet to find one. Please explain how to create an equivalent. Thank you very much!

Export .olm Data to Apple Mac Mail Using Automated Tool

Multiple OLM files may be converted from Outlook to Mac Mail with OLM Migrator Software for Mac and Windows. Furthermore, a broad variety of functionalities and a user-friendly design make it simple for customers to finish the entire process.

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So let’s start the process without wasting any time…

  • Install OLM to MBOX Converter after downloading it.
  • Open the software by the tool the Open button.
  • Select the OLM file from its location by clicking Browse.
  • Then press the OK button and choose the output MBOX file’s destination folder.
  • Wait until the migration procedure is complete before clicking the Export button.
  • Click OK when the procedure is finished.
  • Once the conversion is complete, click OK

export as MBOX
After import OLM files to Mac Mail.

You may quickly import Outlook for Mac OLM items into Mac Mail after the conversion is complete.

MBOX File to Apple Mail Import OLM Files to Mac Mail

  • Open Apple Mail on your computer and select File from the File menu.
  • Then choose Import Mailboxes from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, select the other option and press the Continue button.
  • To import your data, choose Files in mbox format.
  • Select MBOX files based on your needs, then click the Continue button.

Your whole convert MBOX file, on the other hand, gets import into your Apple Mail account.

This is how easy it is to import OLM files to Mac Mail.

Why should I use this Software Instead of Another?

There are a number of third-party solutions on the market that can import OLM files to Mac Mail. However, no technology can guarantee that your sensitive information will remain protected. The majority of apps can result in data loss.

As a result, we have one of the most reliable and proven solutions for converting Outlook for Mac files to MBOX. This tool is easy to use because it is built using finely code algorithms. An enormous Mac OLM file was successfully converts to MBOX format using the software.

  • Allows you to save a large number of emails, as well as attachments.
  • Convert any Mac OLM file size to MBOX format.
  • Keep your data safe and secure.
  • There is no need to install an email client that supports MBOX.


Changing email platforms may be a challenge. Import OLM files to Mac Mail is a challenging operation and one of the most often asked questions by users. Because OLM is only available through Mac Outlook, this is the case.

As a result, we’ve devised a precise technique for completing the conversion procedure in a trouble-free way. Your Mac Outlook files may be safely converts to MBOX with this software. Users may simply convert OLM files to Mac Mail after they have MBOX.

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