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Import Outlook PST to Mac Mail – Practical Solutions

Anuraag Singh ~ Published: 21-Mar-2022 ~ Mac ~ 4 Minutes Reading

So, in this post, I’ll show you how to import PST to Mac Mail without any problems. Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client. Meanwhile, purchasing a Mac PC demands the transfer of all data. Even Outlook emails and activities aren’t working. It’s helpful to know how to import Outlook PST to Mac Mail.

Why Do People Need to Import Outlook PST to Mac Mail?

Several customers have reported problems moving PST files to Mac Mail. The following are some of the reasons:

When customers switch from Windows to Apple Mac, they must import their Outlook data (.PST) into the Mac (.mbox).

If you have accidentally destroyed or lost your PST file, or if you’re hard disc or PST file has been corrupted, here is the proper procedure for import Outlook PST to Mac Mail.

Apple Mail is the free email client that comes standard with Mac OS. Customers are progressively switching from Outlook to Mac Mail for email.

The Reasons for Opening Outlook PST File on a Mac

There are a variety of reasons why people decide to migrate Outlook PST to Mac Mail. The following are some of the most prevalent reasons:

  • When a user transfers or organizations the current organization uses Apple Mail, it becomes necessary to convert PST files to MBOX format.
  • Users may desire to change their operating system from Windows to Mac for a variety of reasons. In these circumstances, it is necessary to convert Outlook emails to Apple Mail.
  • It is a wise alternative to import Outlook PST to Mac Mail in case of unintentional deletion of PST data, hard drive corruption, Outlook PST corruption, and so on.
  • Apple Mail is the free and default email application that comes with Mac OS. As a result, people prefer to transition from Outlook to Mac Mail.

Are you looking for a manual solution? Look into it in the area below!

How to Import Outlook PST to Mac Mail for Free Using?

  • Open the Outlook client on your Mac computer.
  • Go to Menu>> File. To access Outlook emails in Mac Mail, use the Import option.
  • Select Outlook for Windows archive file (.pst) from the Choose a File Type wizard and click the bottom arrow to proceed.
  • To open an import Outlook PST to Mac Mail, find the PST file and import it.
  • After the import procedure has been completed successfully, click the Done button, and the PST file will appear in the Mac Outlook client.
  • You must now drag the PST data folder to the Mac desktop, where all the exported files will be converted to MBOX format.

The transformed MBOX file may then be readily imported to Apple Mail.

View Outlook Emails in Apple Mail with a Single Click!

To read and open PST file to Mac Mail, use the above-mentioned manual technique. However, as previously said, it has several drawbacks. As a result, the only viable choice is to use adaptable software such as Mac PST Migrator Software. Users may convert numerous Import Outlook PST to Mac mail, which is supported by Mac Mail, without having to install Outlook.

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It can efficiently preserve the folder structure, and it can also produce a separate MBOX file for each PST file. This software has a number of complex capabilities, such as the ability to export certain Outlook emails using the date filter option. It also supports the most recent version of Outlook 2019 for conversion.

The Tool to Import Outlook PST to Mac Mail

  1. Using the Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) option, open this software on a Mac system and upload the PST file.
  2. To import a PST file into Mac Mail, select MBOX as the Export type after adding it to the tool dashboard.
  3. To export the relevant data items, click the Categories option and select the data you want to export.
  4. The app also allows you to keep track of the folder hierarchy. Provide the place where the output should be saved.
  5. To open an Outlook PST file on Mac Mail, apply the needed filters and then click the Export option to start the file conversion process.


By importing the converted MBOX file into Mac Mail, users may now effortlessly see and open PST files.

It’s time to wrap things up

When you need to Import Outlook PST to Mac Mail, you may do it immediately since we have clearly outlined the technique in this article. The manual technique is available to users, but it has a number of drawbacks. As a result, using the PST to Apple Mail Converter application, which is the ultimate solution for opening and reading Outlook data in Mac Mail, is the sensible choice.

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