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Mac MBOX to Windows Live Mail: Apple Mail to WLM Converter

Mariya Beckham ~ Published: 11-Aug-2017 ~ Mac, Tech Query, Technology ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Moving data from Mac MBOX to Windows Live Mail

Did you really think that something is there that helps you in transferring your Mac MBOX to Windows Live Mail(WLM)? Did you get that solution you are looking for? No!! Many users have different queries related to this topic. But there are not many solutions related to this. Here you get the answer for all the user queries that how to export Apple Mail to WLM in a convenient way.

User Queries to Convert Apple Mail to Windows Live Mail

“A user is want to setup his professional email account on Windows Live Mail. So, the user wants to transfer all the important mails that are in Mac mail. Is there any way to transfer all the mails directly to WLM?”
“I was using Mac since 6 years so now I want to switch to Windows OS so is there any way that helps me to transfer all the important data to windows safely & without data loss?”
“One of my user having her previous data backup of Mac mail in .mbox so now she wants to import it in WLM. She is looking for the solution & gets the best solution & she easily convert Mac mail to Windows Live Mail without data loss.”

There are many users queries that arise while migrating from Mac MBOX to Windows Live Mail. But here we mentioned only some of the common user queries that are normally faced by the users.

Solutions for Users that How to Export Apple Mail to Windows Live Mail

There are two solutions that a user can opt for that is a manual and Automated solution. There is no direct solution to convert Mac Mail to Windows Live Mail. The user first has to change the file formats of Mac MBOX files and then import to the WLM. Here we go with the ways:

Manual Solution for Mac email client to WLM

In this, the user has to perform the Drag and Drop method with every email one-by-one. So, the extension of the emails changed automatically in the .eml format.

Limitations of this method are:

  • It is a lengthy and time-consuming process.
  • No data security.
  • A file can be corrupted while doing this.

Automated Solution to transfer Mac OS Mail to Windows Live Mail

It is third-party tool solution that we consider after the failure of the manual solution. The manual way is having many limitations so there is a Mac MBOX Conversion tool. This tool can convert all your Mac MBOX files to EML file format. So, that the user can easily export Mac MBOX to Windows Live Mail. It’s easy to convert the files in just a few clicks instead of a manual solution. This utility is user-friendly so that both technical & non-technical user use it easily.

Features are:

  • Convert multiple files at a time
  • It maintains the original formatting of the emails
  • No data loss
  • Convert Mac Mail to Windows Live Mail
  • Naming Convention
  • Retains Message Property
  • The Email filter option can also be applied to convert only selective emails.


In the above article, we get to know about the best & a professional solution to convert Mac MBOX to Windows Live Mail. Nobody has time to do everything manually. Everyone needs to do work fast. Often users face the difficulty of not being able to communicate as often as they like Access data on both profiles. Many prefer the manual procedure which is time-consuming and irrelevant considering the alternatives present in the market. Results we get are that the automated solution is much better than the manual solution to transfer Apple Mail to Windows Live Mail.

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