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How to Migrate cPanel Email to Office 365

Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: April 4th, 2022 ~ Migration, Office 365 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

I’m having a horrible time since my employer maintains a lot of data on the cPanel webmail, and some of my data has started disappearing. I was looking for a solution when I came across a manual method that didn’t quite fit my needs. Is there a way for me to migrate cPanel email to Office 365? Please let me know if this is the case so that I may proceed with the therapy.

2 Easy Steps to Migrate cPanel Email to Office 365

If you wish to export cPanel emails to Office 365 account, follow these steps. Then take the following steps:

  1. Export cPanel emails first.
  2. Second, import your cPanel emails into Office 365.

Step 1: – How to Export cPanel Account’s emails?

Horde and Roundcube are two of the server’s default Internet Messaging Program (IMAP) email clients. Both of these webmail clients are completely free.

These webmail applications allow you to access emails and other data. As a result, email downloading capabilities are used by various webmail applications.

Follow the steps below to download emails from the cPanel webmail software.

Horde Webmail is a helpful application

  1. To access Horde webmail, log in to cPanel.
  2. To save an email as an EML file, select it and double-click it.
  3. Click the download option to save the email to your desktop.
  4. Emails are now downloaded to your machine as an EML extension.

Send and receive emails using Roundcube Webmail

  1. Sign in to Roundcube and choose your email addresses.
  2. After that, select More and Download (.eml)
  3. Roundcube emails are now saved on your machine as.eml files.

We’ll now demonstrate how to migrate cPanel email to Office 365 account. – To complete this task, follow the directions below.

Step 2: – cPanel to Office 365 import (saved.eml file)

Once you’ve saved your cPanel emails to an EML file, you’re ready to go. It has to be migrate cPanel email to Office 365 account. Following the instructions indicated here, you may access cPanel email in Office 365.

To begin, you must understand that there is no simple manual or unrestricted approach to doing this task. However, moving cPanel to Office 365 may be done with the help of automated software.

The Best EML Converter makes it simple to migrate multiple cPanel emails and attachments to Office 365 accounts while maintaining data integrity. Now, use the application to migrate from cPanel to Office 365 by following the on-screen instructions.

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Step-by-Step Method to Migrate cPanel Email to Office 365

  • Download and run the software in your os.
  • Click on Add file option/Add folder Option to select the MBOX file.
  • Now click on the Next button and select Office 365.
  • After that, enter the credentials in the software to start the process.
  • Then, click the Export button and select categories.
  • Finally, hit on Export button.

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Benefits of Using Our Tool

  1. Save as Default Folder: The cPanel to Office 365 migrator respects the internal system folder structure, which is one of the most important features. The application stores the generated emails in the same folder as the original email account when a user selects this option.
  2. Advanced Filter Option: The Advanced Filter Option may also be used to sort email messages in the order they were received. This capability allows users to select a certain date range, such as from, to, and so on. This feature will save you time and space.
  3. Select the Required Language: To make things easier for the user, the cPanel to Office 365 migrator tool offers a variety of languages. The language that best meets one’s needs can be chosen.
  4. Migrate Email Attachments: The tool migrates emails from cPanel to Office 365 and transforms email attachments.
  5. Compatible with All Windows Versions: The Migrate cPanel Email to Office 365 application is compatible with all Windows operating system versions. It is compatible with any Windows operating system.
  6. DEMO Version: The email Backup Tool also comes with a free DEMO version. This freeware simplifies the operation and functionality of the complete software.

Last Thoughts

Migrate cPanel email to Office 365 is simple with the help of a cPanel to Office 365 migrator. It’s a helpful tool for acquiring an infinite number of conversions. Because of the user-friendly interface, both technical and non-technical users may complete the cPanel to Office 365 move without the need for external assistance.