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Transfer Email from Google Apps to Outlook.com

Mariya Beckham ~ Published: 12-Jul-2017 ~ Cloud Backup ~ 5 Minutes Reading


Owing to the great advantages, many users today have been true Google Apps fans for several years in a row. However, due to some of the apparent reasons, some users really wish that their email management solely should migrate from Google Apps to Outlook.com. The major reasons behind the desire for such a move are as follows:

  • Google Apps is no longer free, which might not be much of a problematic thing for some of the users but for other existing users it is the reason why as even if the payment does not bother much but the direction, which Google has now taken, disturbs some of the users as they get affected by such a decision.
  • Some users really do not like Google’s Privacy-Policy any longer.

Owing to such reasons, there could be dozens and dozens of users in every nook and corner of the world who have already decided to make this move to transfer email from Google Apps to Outlook.com. Though they might have been great fans of Google Apps, now this linking has shifted to Outlook.com for email management. Also, since its release, Outlook.com saw great popularity. So, many users are of the view that this is the right time to make such switch.

Making the Move to Migrate G Suite Data to Outlook.com

Custom domain

  • Firstly, create custom domain with the help of http://domains.live.com
  • Then, sign in with Live ID
  • It is important to note that this can be 1 from custom domain
  • In some cases, the users might be already having Live ID that would be using mydomain.com
  • After the user is signed in, he can then click the button for ‘Add Domain’
  • Enter domain name
  • Select ‘Set-up-Outlook.com-for-my-domain’
  • Review & then accept the next screen
  • User would now get a screen with question for proving domain ownership by creating DNS-record
  • Now, as it was decided that for setting up Outlook.com for this particular domain, the very 1st DNS record that user has to create is the MX one
  • For creating an MX record, one can go to the DNS management part of one’s personal domain, or can even contact the provider host
  • After adding the MX record, click ‘Refresh‘ button
  • If everything goes fine, user would now be capable of adding some ‘Member accounts’
  • Click ‘Add‘ button for creating one such member account
  • Enter account name say for example like firstname.lastname@mypersonaldomain.com
  • This includes first & last names and password
  • Click OK for adding the account
  • Go to mail.live.com
  • Log in with this newly created account
  • It is important to note that old ‘hotmail’ look would still be seen
  • This can be simply changed to Outlook.com with the help of the options button on right.
  • Another important part is that if the user is already having a Live ID with this custom domain and has enabled ‘mail’ for it, then it automatically creates that particular user in the ‘Member-Accounts.’

Alias way to Migrate From Google Apps to Outlook.com

A thing missing from ‘Windows-Live-Domains’ is the ‘Alias’ feature. It might exist, but that is simply not available from an interface. Create aliases with the help of Admin-Center SDK is possible.

And that is it! Users’ emails would now be using Outlook.com. Another important aspect that one has to know is to move the ‘old’ emails to export Google-Apps to Outlook.com. This can be done is the user enables POP on Google Apps, and once done, link that POP account to his Outlook.com’s account. This process sometimes fails, mostly in the cases where users are having many emails. So, in such situations, the other option is of using the Outlook email client. And the process steps include adding the two accounts (Google Apps & Outlook.com) and then copy-pasting the folders.

Alternate Solution

Apart from the above mentioned manual steps you can also use a third party tool to easily migrate from Google Apps to Outlook.com by using Google Apps Backup Tool to easily backup data from Google Apps. As the above mentioned steps are lengthy and tedious to perform so you can use other methods to solve your problem. To export Google Apps data to Outlook.com you can follow the below mentioned steps:
Take backup of Google Apps data in PST file format with the help of Google Apps Backup tool.
Now import this PST file into Outlook.com

Import PST file into Outlook.com

1. Configure Outlook.com as Microsoft Exchange account

The first thing which is to be noticed is that whether the Outlook.com account has been configured as a MS Exchange account in Outlook.
File-> Account Settings-> Account Settings
2. Check the size of the PST file.
3. Upload your data to Outlook.com

Concluding the Above

In this blog post, it had been described that how a user can possibly create his/her own custom domain, and about the DNS settings that are required to be made, and also about the process to make email aliases. All-in-all, this knowledge enriched content piece talks about how to migrate from Google Apps to Outlook.com. The above method is basically a manual one for carrying out this process. Manual methods are good in the sense that they are free from any sort of payment. So, with a good understanding from this blog, this method can be tried easily to carry on the process to transfer email from Google apps to outlook.com.

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