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Outlook 2013: Download Headers Option does not Work

Mariya Beckham ~ Modified: February 29th, 2016 ~ Tech Query ~ 3 Minutes Reading

Download Headers Option Is Not Working In Selective Folders in Outlook 2013


Along with the other benefits, which MS Outlook has to offer, gives the provision to download the email headers of the emails exclusively. This feature comes in handy whenever the internet connection is slow or the user has configured Outlook with his smartphone and does not want to fill the memory of the device. In addition to this, it makes it easy for the users to view emails without waiting for every email to be downloaded first. Since the header information contains the sender and subject of the emails, you can view the header and can easily decide which email is of priority and one that is not.
At times, when the users enable this option, it happens that they only want this option to work in selective folders. In this article, we will illustrate the procedure to enable the option to download the headers in selective folders in MS Outlook 2013.


Enable Download Only Header Option For All Folders In Outlook 2013


Before moving on to the procedure to enable this option in selective folders, we would like to illustrate the procedure to enable this option for all the folders. This will help the users who do not know about this feature. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do so:


  • Open Outlook 2013 and click on Send/Receive tab.



  • Select Download Preferences option.



  • From the drop-down menu, select Download Headers option.



  • Once you have done so, you can see it in the status bar.


Note: This procedure will not apply to emails that have been already downloaded. The future emails will be downloaded with only the header information. In case you want to view the entire email, you can do so manually.



Enable Download Headers Option in Specific Folders In Outlook 2013


When the users enable the Download Headers option as shown in the above procedure, this option is applied to all the folders. In case Download Headers option is not working in selective folders in Outlook 2013, it needs to be enabled for only specific folders. This can be done by following the below-mentioned procedure:


  • Click on the Send/Receive tab for the ribbon.



  • From the drop-down menu, select Send/Receive Groups option.



  • From the list, select Define Send/Receive Groups option.



  • Select All Accounts option and click on Edit.



  • Enable the Include the Selected…option.



  • Select the folders for which you want download the headers only and then select the Download Headers Only option. Then click OK to finish.




With the help of above-mentioned procedures, you can enable the Download Headers option for downloading the headers for emails of all the folders and for selective folders as well.