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Tricks to resolve Outlook cannot connect to the exchange server error code 18597

Outlook cannot connect to the exchange server error code 18597
Kerry Morris ~ Modified: July 26th, 2017 ~ Exchange ~ 4 Minutes Reading

For Mac operating system the new version of MS Outlook was launched as MS Outlook 2011 for Mac. It was specifically designed for the emailing purpose. Plus, it is also known as the upgraded version of the Entourage 2008 which came before the MS Outlook 2011. The MS Outlook 2011 for Mac uses Exchange Web services and it does not connect to MS Exchange in a way which allows the user to work in the non-cached environment. In most of the cases, the Outlook users face the problem while connecting to Exchange Server. Here, in this article, we will discuss the causes for Outlook cannot connect to the Exchange Server Error Code 18597 and the .

Outlook 2011

The Outlook 2011 is made by Microsoft with an intention for the Outlook to work on the Mac easily. It is not just a successor to the Entourage 2008.Exchange server is generally connected in order to change the settings of Entourage to Outlook 2011. Often on trying to access calendars, mail messages, etc. using Exchange Server, there appears a text Outlook 2011-error code 18597 on the Mac screen. It won’t be possible for accessing any file from Outlook 2011 then.

Causes for Outlook cannot connect to the Exchange Server Error Code 18597

The causes for error code 18597 is as follows:

  1. It happens when the email address typed in the dialog box of Exchange Account does not match with the one Exchange Server expects. Since the email address does not match, the Outlook 2011 allows it to connect to MS Exchange Server.
  2. The Error 18597 which occurs in the case of Entourage database can also occur when the password is present in the user’s active directory account has expired. The password can be reset using Outlook Web Access(OWA) and then relaunch the Entourage application for resolving the error.

Ways to Resolve the Error Code 18597

The Solutions for Outlook cannot connect to the Exchange Server Error Code 18597 are:

  1. First, the user needs to make sure that the URL used by the Outlook for connecting to Microsoft Exchange Server is correct and same like in the Entourage.
  2. A solution can be obtained by creating a test user account in Mac OS and then setting up an Exchange Server account in Outlook with the newly created user id.
  3. The other option is to use the Login feature which helps in troubleshooting Exchange Connectivity. The login can be enabled by performing the following steps:
  • Launch the Outlook for Mac application.
  • Choose Error log option from the Windows menu.
  • Now go to Settings in the upper right corner of the Error window.
  • After that click on the check box. Turn On Logging for Troubleshooting and then select OK.

Users can use the Microsoft’s free web-based tool which is known as Exchange Server Remote Connectivity Analyzer to resolve Outlook cannot connect to the exchange server error code 18597. It will also help Exchange Administrators with testing and configuring their Exchange-based services. The steps for using Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyzer is as follows:

Step 1: Go to the testconnectivity.microsoft.com and then select the desired test which the user wants to run.

Step 2: Now select Synchronization, Notification, Availability and Automatic Replies (OOF) under the options inside Microsoft Exchange Web Services test and click on Next button.

Step 3: After that enter the Account Information of test account on Exchange Server. Then, select Use AutoDiscover option for detecting the settings to test the AutoDiscover or either use the Specify Exchange Web Services URL for entering the external server manually. After that click on Perform Test to proceed further.

Step 4: Now the progress of the test will be displayed as it tests the server addresses, DNS Records, and it services.

Step 5: After the test is successfully completed, the Analyzer will indicate the result as success or failure. Then, Administrators can correct that particular issue in the lower hierarchy and work to top until the issue is totally solved.


In this article, we had completely focused on the issue that Outlook cannot connect to the exchange server error code 18597, and this error occurs when the Outlook for Mac 2011 tries to connect to Exchange Server. Some of the possible causes which lead to the occurrence of this particular Outlook Error have been described above. There are some points which the Outlook user needs to keep in mind while connecting Microsoft Outlook 2011 with Exchange Server. These are all discussed in this article along with the possible solutions.