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Outlook PST File Not Showing Emails – Complete Solution

Anuraag Singh ~ Published: April 21st, 2022 ~ MS Outlook, Outlook, pst ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Do you have a problem with your Outlook PST file disappearing? When you try to find your pst file in your Outlook account, it always says “Outlook PST File Not Showing Emails.”

Continue reading this post if you don’t know how to solve the Outlook pst file not found problem. Because it goes into great detail about the Outlook.pst file missing issue.

What Does the Error “Outlook PST File Not Showing Emails” Mean?

The.pst file is used by Outlook since it is small and requires minimal space to store data. It aids in the provision of additional free space on the user’s mail server. However, just like any other system file, Outlook data files might be corrupted for a variety of causes. Because all data is saved in the PST file, when the “PST file not found” problem occurs, all data, including e-mails, contacts, notes, calendar entries, and so on, becomes unavailable.

As a result, the message “Outlook PST File Not Showing Emails” explains why this is occurring and which component isn’t operating properly. Your Outlook PST file will not open and you will be unable to execute any operations on it as a result of this problem.

Why Does The Message “PST Cannot Be Found” Appear?

Your Outlook pst file is missing, as shown by the error message “Outlook PST File Not Showing Emails.”

This issue usually occurs when the pst file is located on a network server that is unavailable at the moment. Another circumstance that results in a pst file not found error is when the file is relocated from its original place or accidentally deleted.

The following are some of the most prevalent causes of missing pst files:

  • Sudden shutdown of the system
  • The presence of a virus or malware on your computer.
  • Accidental deletion of a critical Outlook file or registry entry.
  • Installing and removing MS Office software in an incorrect or incomplete manner.

What Can I Do If My Outlook PST File Isn’t Found?

Method 1: Resolve the issue of missing subfolders in Outlook.

Resetting the display for your whole Outlook mailbox is the first approach you should try to cure PST File missing problem.

You may simply restore your Outlook view to its default condition using this approach. After that, you’ll be able to see all of your folders and subfolders in your inbox.

Here’s how to repair the Outlook PST File Not Showing Emails by resetting all views.

  • If your Outlook application is already open, close it.
  • Now go to the Start menu and put “run” into the search box. Alternatively, you may launch the Run window by pressing Windows + R and then entering.
  • Now type “outlook.exe /resetnavpane” into the opening Run window. Your Outlook settings will be reset as a result of this.
  • After that, build a new Outlook profile and import the PST file with the missing Outlook subfolders problem into it.

Method 2: Reset All Views in All Folders

You may also utilize the reset view function in Outlook 2010/2013/2016/2019 to reset the folder view. This solution will easily resolve the Outlook PST File Not Showing Emails.

Here’s how to go about doing it:

  • Start MS Outlook and look for the folder you wish to change the display of.
  • Change the view by tapping on it. Then, from the drop-down menu that appears, choose a view mode.
  • Press the reset view button on the view tab. Select Yes in the next dialogue box that appears. Following that, your selected folder will be restored to its original state.
  • Now select View > Change View from the drop-down menu. Choose Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders from the Change View drop-down box.
  • Select the checkbox for mailboxes and their subfolders’ in the Apply View dialogue box that appears.
  • Select the ‘Apply View to Subfolders’ option as well. Finally, press the OK button.

Method 3: Restoring a Deleted PST File

Perhaps the PST file not found the problem is the result of unintended deletion of your PST file. Not to fear, because you can revert to an earlier version of Windows utilizing the built-in capability.

It retains earlier file versions on the disc automatically if System Protection is enabled. Once a day, a backup copy is created, as well as when a restore point is created.

So, you may see if an older version of Outlook PST File Not Showing Emails is accessible by utilizing the prior version.

Follow the steps outlined below to get back on your feet:

  • Right-click “Outlook Files” and select “Properties.”
  • You may now select the Restore prior versions option from the “menu” list.
  • The Previous Versions tab will be activated when the Folder Properties dialogue box is opened.
  • To check for missing PST files, double-click the most current folder indicated above.
  • If your lost PST file appears in this list, copy it and paste it back into its original folder.

The PST file may or may not be present in the restored folder. In this case, close the previously opened version and open a less recent version. Carry on in this manner until you’ve located your missing Outlook PST file.

Whether the PST file folder does not appear, right-click on the parent folder and perform the Restore previous versions procedure to see if the PST file is present.

Method 4: Outlook Archive File Location

When the error message “Outlook PST File Not Showing Emails” appears. The cause for this might be that the archive.pst file was not produced or that it was accidentally deleted. The archive files are usually found in the following locations:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\LocalSettings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\archive.pst

Method 5: Manually Relocate The PST File

Relocating the PST file is another approach for fixing the “Outlook PST File Not Showing Emails” bug.

The following are specific instructions for completing this task:

  • Go to “File > Account Settings” in the Outlook application on your PC.
  • Now, in the “Account Settings” box that has opened, touch the “Data Files” option. Choose the default PST file now. Then select “Open File Location” from the drop-down menu. This will open the explorer to the default PST file’s saving directory.
  • Check for that specific pst file that is causing the pst file not to find the problem in the opened windows explorer. If you can’t find it there, conduct a search using the name you assigned.
  • If you notice your missing pst file has been renamed or relocated to another folder, delete the original pst file.
  • Then, in the Account Settings window, re-add the new pst file.

Method 6: PST Repair Tool to Outlook PST File Not Showing Emails

Users may simply and quickly fix and restore any sort of corruption or issue linked to their Outlook PST file with the aid of Outlook PST Repair software, no matter how their PST file becomes corrupted, damaged, or broken.

It can safely restore your PST files and repair the “Outlook PST File Not Showing Emails” issue. Because the application has a user-friendly design, even a beginner user may readily utilize it. It works with all versions of Windows, so download the Outlook PST repair tool for free and test it out right now.

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Step-by-step Method

  • Download and Run the software in your operating system.
  • After that, you can add file via Add Folder/Add file option.
  • Now, the software repairs your PST file and previews your data.
  • Then, click on Export and select the PST button from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, choose a destination location to save the repair result.
  • Finally, the Outlook data file is repaired.



That’s all there is to it; I’ve done my best to provide all conceivable solutions to the “Outlook PST File Not Showing Emails” issue.

It’s critical to have knowledge on how to remedy some of the most common Outlook mistakes if you’re an Outlook user. Even if you haven’t encountered this pst file not found error, it’s still important to be aware of such issues.

Good luck with the article…!