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Protect Data from Fenrir Ransomware Virus: Safeguard Your System

Mariya Beckham ~ Published: 21-Jul-2017 ~ Technology ~ 5 Minutes Reading


One of the emerging threats across globe is Fenrir Ransomware. Though being nasty and harmful still there are ways to get rid from the Ransomware. All the users need to do is just take preventive measures like we have mentioned below:

1. Use a powerful & reliable antivirus program

2. Scan the system regularly

3. Update the Windows Firewall security by turning it on for real time safety from the viruses and malwares

4. Avoid downloading from unknown source, links, mails, etc.

5. Stay away from spammers and Create a system restore point

6. Avoid downloading cracked software, wallpapers, themes or other products

7. Stay aware from the misleading adds flashed on browsers while online

8. Update the Operating system of Windows, software to escape vulnerabilities

9. Get the software patches and updates from trusted and official websites

10. Keep backup of important files ready to avoid the data loss

Prevent Fenrir Ransomware Virus- Technical Minutiae


Fenrir Ransomware is a deceptive threat that intrudes the system and encrypts data. It is generated by the evil minded hackers who want to generate illegal profit out of it. The ransomware can easily intrude any Windows based Operating Systems. Once the Fenrir encryption virus enters into the system, it locks all the files and adds its own extension at the end of files. Afterwards, it leaves a ransom note for the system and changes the background image of the system to a ransom image. It generates an error message when you are trying to access your files and thus forcing the user to pay some ransom amount to unlock the data. Fenrir Ransomware attack comes to the system through spam mails, suspicious links, shareware, torrent links etc. Once it comes inside your system, it can be very dangerous for you. It locks the system with a deadly encryption algorithm that it does not provide the users any other option rather than buying a decryption key for it. It gives the users with an option of decryption with BitCoin. It even leads the users with a deadline to pay the ransom and with it gives a user with a warning that it can delete the data. Many users get puzzled with this and thus do not even get the system decrypted. It is advisable that the users should not provide any financial details for this as any hacker can have access to the personal details. In such circumstances, the users can completely Protect Data from Fenrir Ransomware virus and get the files decrypted from any data recovery software.

Complete Guide to Protect Ransomware Virus Manually with Networking


1. Press Windows Key +R button together on the keyboard. A run box is displayed on the screen. Type msconfig on it and then hit the enter button.

2. Afterwards, it will display a system configuration box on the screen. Pay attention towards the boot tab and then opt for safe boot. Click on Enter button.

Tip: To protect data from Fenrir Ransomware, you must be technically sound. If not so, take help from parents, experts, or friends. As the need of the Ransomware is great knowledge.

How to Prevent Fenrir Ransomware through Task Manager

1. Hold windows Key and R all together on the keyboard

2. A Run box appears on the screen, type taskmgr and hit enter key

3.The Task Manager opens on the screen. Find the malicious process

4. Right click on the suspected process and click on End process

Safegaurd Fenrir Ransomware via Command Prompt

Firstly check the Control Panel of your local machine and remove the unwanted programs that you haven’t installed on your own. It might be possible that the virus is hiding in the system with some other name. The random name can escape the user’s attention to delete Fenrir Ransomware virus.

1. Click on the Start Manu and then go to Control Panel

2. Select Add/Remove Program Option

3. Select and delete the Malicious Program

Exclude Fenrir Ransomware from Browser

1. Google Chrome

a. Open Chrome browser >>Go to Menu> > More Tools>> Extensions

b. Select the malicious link and remove it from chrome

c. Reset the Browser Settings and remove all the left overs of the Fenrir Ransomware virus after completely removing the threat from the system.

Reset the Chrome Browser

1. Open Chrome>> select Menu>> Click Settings>> Advance Settings>> Reset Settings Button

Prevent Fenrir Ransomware from the Registry Editor

1. Press Windows Key +R together on the keyboard

2.A Run Box will appear type regedit and press enter button

3. Windows Registry Editor opens. Find Fenrir Ransomware by pressing following keys

Note: Sometimes, editing the registry key becomes very crucial. Changing a wrong key can completely kill the system. If you are not certain about it, then use automatic software to detect the Ransomware so that you can easily protect the data from Fenrir Ransomware.

For Google Chrome Users

Open Chrome browser>> select menu>>opt for settings>> show advanced settings>> select content setting>> Choose block Pop-ups option.

Using Safe browsing may be of great help in this case. So, users should opt for safe browsing option be it system or any browser to prevent Ransomware virus.

Final Thoughts!!!

Prevention is better than cure is an old saying. So, there are few of the tit-bits through which the users can keep safe by blocking the unwanted pop-ups on the browser & thus can protect the data from Fenrir Ransomware attack.

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