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Simple Steps to Recover PDF

Mariya Beckham ~ Modified: July 27th, 2016 ~ Tech Query ~ 2 Minutes Reading

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PDF files are the foremost standard and established network document distribution format. In the current situation, majority of users who wish to share their documents over a network likes PDF file format. Sometime a PDF file gets corrupted and shows error message and displays a blank page while opening a password protected PDF file. Let’s consider a real life scenario wherein you are working on Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or 7.0 on Windows and find the subsequent error message:
“A drawing error occurred.” and displays a blank page once making an attempt to open a PDF file. In order to recover that corrupted PDF there is an easy workaround. In order to resolve the same error, try either of the subsequent solutions:

Following are the Methods to Recover PDF file

  • The First suggested method:
    By deleting Acrobat preferences folder:

      1. Exit the Acrobat
      2. Choose Start and go to Run
      3. Type %APPDATA %\Adobe\Acrobat\ and then click on OK
      4. Right-click either the Acrobat 6.0 or 7.0 folder and select Delete
      5. Start Acrobat and try printing
  • The Second suggested methodology:
    Recreating the PDF file using an Adobe application like Adobe Acrobat.
    By exporting PDF file to the PDF feature of an Adobe open source application commonly known as Adobe In Design or Adobe Illustrator.
  • The Third suggested method:
    By deleting Acrobat preferences folder


    • Performing the mentioned solutions, you can resolve the drawing error and recover the PDF file. However, there also arise a situation wherein you’re unable to resolve the error by using any of the above mentioned solutions.
      In such a situation, we advise you to use an expert and powerful third party repair PDF file tool to resolve the error and repair PDF file.There are many in the market but the best one I would suggest is SysTools PDF RecoveryIt used to resolve and fix any kind of error in a PDF file.Features of this tools are as follows:

      1. It helps to Repair corrupt PDF file data and create new portable document
      2. Recover PDF file without any changes in original formatting
      3. Save corrupt PDF file in new location as healthy document
      4. Recover and extract both Text and Image data from PDF file
      5. Compatible with all formats and versions of PDF document
      6. Support all version of MS Windows up to Win 8.1