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Get Two Ways to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails from Outlook Mac

Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: 30-Oct-2020 ~ Mac Outlook ~ 3 Minutes Reading

Many people have the same experience when they delete or lose emails, including emails and Outlook folders. This article defines the types of email deletion in Outlook and its folders and explains how to recover permanently deleted emails from Outlook Mac. To recover Outlook messages, calendar, tasks, contacts, and more, you can try these methods. Choose the right way to recover deleted email files and folders in Outlook for Mac. Let’s get started.

User Query

Hello everybody! A few days ago, while removing unnecessary emails from Mac Outlook, I accidentally deleted important emails. Does anyone know the correct procedure to get those email back? They are very important. Otherwise, my boss will fire me. Help me recover permanently deleted emails from Outlook Mac. Thanks in advance!

First, let’s learn a little about how to delete emails in Outlook. Only after recognizing the type of deletion you have done; you can easily recover deleted emails from Outlook on Mac.

Soft deletion: It means that you only removed Outlook emails from the official folders you received or classified. Usually, you select it and click on the “Delete” button in Outlook or drag and drop the email into the trash folder.

Hard / Permanent Deletion: It means that you have selected the Outlook email on Mac and performed the deletion using “Command” + “Delete” button.

Solution 1: Recover Deleted Emails from Outlook Mac (Soft Deleted)

If you deleted emails from Outlook on the Mac by soft deletion, you could simply extract the deleted emails from the Trash folder on the Mac. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Start Microsoft Outlook and first find the list of email folders. Then click on Deleted Items/Trash. You will get all your soft-deleted emails here.

Step 2: No matter what type of file is deleted; you can see all files in the folder. It is easy to recover. Select the email, right-click on it, choose “Move”> “Other Folders” and place it in the correct category.

Solution 2: Recover Permanently Deleted Emails from Outlook Mac (Hard Deletion)

If important emails are not available in the Deleted Items and Recoverable Items folder, chances are these items will be permanently deleted. The only remaining best option in this scenario is to use a reliable and secure third-party application. This utility was specially designed to recover permanently deleted emails from Outlook Mac and other items.

I’ve tried and tested some of the tools available online, but few do work. Outlook Mac Recovery Software is one of those tools that can help you recover important deleted emails in Outlook for Mac. This software will help you to recover all your data without wasting time and you can save your data in up to 11 file types.

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You can download the free trial version of this utility here and try the recovery on your Mac system. When you are satisfied with how the tool works, buy the full version.


It is very important to have a backup copy of your important data today. The loss of confidential data can have serious consequences for your business. In scenarios where data is permanently lost, it is recommended to use advanced third-party utilities. Here, we will describe the best tool to recover permanently deleted emails from Outlook Mac in a simple and efficient way. The software has a simple user interface that even novice users can use.

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