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Save vCard From Email to Outlook Contacts : Get All Possible Approaches Here

Kerry Morris ~ Published: 29-Sep-2017 ~ Technology ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Are you seeking for a solution to save vCard from email to Outlook contacts

Yes?? Then, you are absolutely at the correct place. Here, one is going to find a solution to import VCF files from email to contacts folder of MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, and all prior editions.

Users Query

Before directly switching on the problem solutions, let us have a quick look on few scenarios. These scenarios were posted on different forums and social networking sites by Microsoft users:

“I have got an email, which was having uncountable numbers of VCF files within it. I have downloaded emails on my PC and want to import bulk vCard to Outlook Contact. The issue I am facing is that I am having a solution to transfer an individual VCF file but, find no relevant approach for multiple files. So, can anyone guide me with a solution to save vCard from email to Outlook contacts?”

“Hi, Friends! I have got an email from my manager who is on leave for today. The mail comprises of 10 to 12 vCard files within it. I ringed him up to ask that what I have to do with that file and he replied me that it is my task for today. Basically, I have to import these vCard attachments in Outlook 2016 for Mac and Windows. I know the solution for Mac as it was my research topic during my graduation period but, I don’t know the way for Windows. Is there any expert who can help me out to save vCard from email to Outlook contacts?”

“Recently, a mail is received in my Outlook account, which is sent to me by my old college colleague. She has sent me some content and 6 files attached in that mail. All the appended files are having a .vcf extension. I am unaware of this file and the way to open it. Is it a means to attack my system or really a VCF file exists? If it exists then, what is the way to open, view, and read it. Please help me out in resolving my trouble.”

Methods to Save vCard From Email to Outlook Contacts

There are many measures to accomplish the discussed task in a successful manner. Only what one has to do is to choose the correct procedure because a wrong decision could result in unexpected disastrous situations. So, let’s begin!

Measure #1: Import the VCF File From An Outlook Email

The solution is applied when the email message (having VCF files) is received in Outlook itself. You can append each vCard file systematically in the existing Outlook contacts list. Go through following steps for the same :

1. Open the Outlook message body on your screen and double-click on any vCard attachment

2. A new wizard appears in which you will find all information stored in the appended VCF file

3. Click on Save & Close button to end up the procedure

Repeat Step (1) to (3) for all vCard files that are present in the MS Outlook emails.

Measure #2: Import vCard File From Another Email Program

This approach is applicable for users who are having VCF file in the electronic message of another email client, not Outlook. To attempt this task, go through below-mentioned instructions :

1. Download all vCard files from the mail attachment on your local machine
2. Open MS Outlook on your machine and then go to Contacts section within it

3. Go to File >> Open & Export >> Import / Export to open the import and export wizard of Outlook

4. From list of options, select Import a VCARD file (.vcf) and click on Next

5. Navigate towards the path where you have saved vCard file in Step (1), select anyone of them and click on Open

6. Finally, you save vCard from email to Outlook contacts.

Save vCard From Email to Outlook Contacts

If There Are Multiple vCard Files, Then What?

The above-mentioned approaches are applicable only for single vCard files. Microsoft team has not provided any feature to save vCard from email to Outlook contacts. So, the only straightforward approach left is to opt for a vCard importer that saves bulk VCF contacts in PST. Bundle of vCard files is transferred in Outlook all at once.

Time to Conclude

If it is all about saving multiple VCF files in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, etc then, users can opt for free workarounds. These measures are illustrated in this blog with each and every important instruction. However, when it is from multiple VCF files then, suitable approach left is a vCard Importer. Rest, if you are ready to devote your precious time in importing thousands or more VCF files to Outlook one-by-one then, you are free to go for manual measures.

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