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Thunderbird Password Recovery

Mariya Beckham ~ Published: 01-Sep-2016 ~ Tech Query ~ 3 Minutes Reading

Thunderbird Password Recovery

Know Interesting ways to Recover Thunderbird Password


Thunderbird is an open-source cross-platform application that manages emails and news feeds. It stores email account passwords like any other email clients. Setting up accounts on email client Thunderbird is like do and forget process. Once the user has setup the account they don’t maintain it until email provider tells the user to do so. The user requires the username and password to retrieve Thunderbird password. A user might want to use the email in another computer, smartphone or any other device that supports the web browser if the email provider supports webmail facility.

Password Recovery

Thunderbird Password Recovery


Table of Content:

1.    Introduction

2.   Features of Thunderbird

3.   Procedure for Thunderbird Password Recovery

4.  Conclusion

Methods for Mozilla Thunderbird Password Recovery


Thunderbird hides the email passwords by default but the user can display the email passwords using the Show Passwords Option. It is similar to the feature provided in Mozilla Firefox Web Browser that handles stored passwords. Added security is there to configure. Master Password feature is added in the Thunderbird client that is entered before the stored email account information can be accessed by other users. Here in this Informative article we will describe the methods to recover Thunderbird Password of an email.

Features of Thunderbird

The features of Thunderbird are as follows:

1.   Message Management.

2.    Filters the Junk.

3.   Use of Extensions and Themes.

4.    It supports certain standards of email protocols.

5.    File format supported in Thunderbird are mbox and maildir.

6.    Cross platform application.

These are all the features that comes with the Thunderbird email client.

Procedures for Mozilla Thunderbird Password Recovery

The following procedures to recover Thunderbird Password must be performed:

Step 1 : Open the Thunderbird email client in order to retrieve Thunderbird password.

recover lost thunderbird password


Step 2 : Second, click on Tools menu on top of the window then select Options and after that switch to Security and then select Passwords.

Retrieve Thunderbird password

Step 3 : Third, Select the Saved Password Option Under passwords. It will display all the emails with their respective password. It will also display old emails which the user no longer uses and helps to retrieve password from Thunderbird Mail Client.

Mozilla Password Recovery


  • Step 4 : Fourth, click on Show Passwords Button it will show passwords of all the emails stored in the Thunderbird. A prompt will come which the user needs to confirm. It lists username and site

get thunderbird email password


From Database


  • Step 5 : Fifth,This Thunderbird Password Recovery Process enables you to change the passwords by just clicking on the email account that you want to change the password of. Note changing passwords only applies to the stored passwords.

retrieve password from thunderbird


retrieve email password from thunderbird


  • Step 6 : Finally, by right clicking on the account the username or password can be copied.

That’s the procedure the user must follow in order to retrieve email password from Thunderbird email client. If anyone has the local access of the email then in that case use of Master Password is suggested for the users.


 In this informative article we discussed how to recover Thunderbird Password. Then, we described the procedure and steps to recover a password from email using the Thunderbird email client. Thunderbird email client is easily available to everyone as it’s an open source and free to use application provided by Mozilla. We also described the use of master password in Thunderbird if in case other user finds out the email password with Thunderbird Password Recovery.


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