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Verizon Yahoo Email Backup

Mariya Beckham ~ Modified: August 26th, 2016 ~ Tech Query ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Verizon Yahoo Email Backup


Since the proclamation of Verizon acquiring Yahoo, there has been a huge debate among people regarding Yahoo Verizon. There are millions of people who had been using Yahoo for past few years. This came as a sudden shock to the users when their trusted Yahoo emails were no longer accessible.


This Verizon Yahoo collaboration has brought-in a sense of fear among people that they might be prone to loss of their essential data. Google search has been flooded with the Yahoo user queries, that they are no longer able to access Yahoo Mail and they have been asked to move to Yahoo Verizon Mail and many more. The number of queries in order to backup Verizon Yahoo email are day-by-day increasing. The trust factor that Yahoo had built up in years is now degrading. The reason is people are uncomfortable in using Yahoo mail due to their worry of permanent loss of accessing data. Therefore, people have been googling ways to unlink Verizon email from Yahoo and exporting Verizon Yahoo mail to Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird and other Email Clients.

Major Verizon Yahoo Mail Problems


Some of the majorly discussed Verizon Yahoo Mail Problems are:

“I used Yahoo for past 5 years and I do not have Verizon account. Another alternative is to export all my mails from Yahoo to Outlook. But, unfortunately I cannot add Verizon Yahoo Mail to Outlook.”

“When I logged into my Yahoo account few days back, it was working alright untill I came to know about Verizon acquiring Yahoo. I now face Problems while Verizon Yahoo Email Login.”

“I am a frequent Yahoo user which I used for storing all my messages and I am really not interested in moving mails to Verizon. I would prefer moving to Gmail than Verizon. But the Issue is I an unable forward Verizon yahoo email to Gmail”

“Feeling really annoyed as I am Unable to Login in to Yahoo and redirects to Verizon. I do not have any Verizon account. I really do not need a new Verizon account. My purpose is to access all my mails in Yahoo.”

All the above mentioned issues have a huge impact on the users. Now, the question arises on how to resolve these problems?

The biggest challenge that user face is the time span provided by Yahoo to the users for retrieving the Yahoo mails back.

“I have heard news about Yahoo being closed in short time I just need to know How to backup Verizon Yahoo emails.?”

Users need not worry because there is solution for Verizon Yahoo Email Backup



Since there is a limitation for using Yahoo Mail for certain period after which you won’t to able to access Yahoo mail any more.

The one solution you can find really helpful is backing up all the emails, contacts etc. Using Yahoo Email Backup will help you backup all the emails without the Yahoo Verizon login issues. You can easily export Verizon Yahoo Mail in EML, MSG, PST and MBOX Format. These files can be easily imported to Outlook, Thunderbird, Gmail and various other Email Clients. Hence it supports multiple Email Clients.

You can also backup Verizon Yahoo mails in your External hard Drive and Computer as well for future purpose. Whenever necessary you can simply start Exporting Verizon Yahoo emails to Gmail, Outlook and other Email Clients.

Even the Manual methods have failed because the yahoo is automatically redirecting to Verizon. And unless you login to Yahoo Mail all the Manual ways are possibly of no use.

3 Steps for Verizon Yahoo Email Backup:


Follow the given steps to backup Verizon Yahoo Email Backup:

Step 1: Open the Yahoo Backup and login using your Yahoo Account.


Step 2: Create and select destination Backup folder in your system where all the Verizon Yahoo Email Backup will be stored and then Choose Start to backup all your Yahoo Mails.


Step 3: Open the destination folder where you can see all the Verizon Yahoo Email Backup as shown below:



Now you can import these files into Thunderbird, Outlook, Gmail and other email Clients.

According to my views this is the best platform to quickly backup Yahoo mail with your data. The reason is Yahoo is going to make all the email accounts inaccessible in a very short time. For those users who really cannot risk losing important mails, this Verizon Yahoo Email Backup is highly recommended.