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Zoho Mail vs Google Apps – Find the Best Comparison

Kerry Morris ~ Published: 29-Dec-2017 ~ Backup, Cloud Backup ~ 4 Minutes Reading


The eventual clash: Zoho Mail vs Google Apps. Usually, a minor corporation like Zoho would not have a possibility against a powerful organization like Google. However, how is Zoho still in the circle with Google? The simple answer is – complimentary is no charge.

Zoho is providing charge less email service from the year 2008 and that is actually the reason for present repudiation of Zoho mail. In addition, Zoho recommends a lot of additional cloud application services for medium and large organizations. Zoho and Google Apps both are cloud-based services. Thus in this article, we are focusing on main differences of mentioned cloud-based services. However, for that users must have a little bit idea about Zoho mail and Google apps.

Zoho Mail Zoho Mail offers businesses through an effortlessly passable interface by, which numerous principal email features are accessible. It has many secondary key features like task, calendar, and contact manager. In addition, Zoho Mail provides an influential control panel for administrators and managers of any organization. Who have authorities to set security policies, generate and run user groups, grip domain registrations, and modify the software GUI from the similar suitable site.

Google Apps- Along with the developing technology, Google apps handle all sizes business and functions. Gmail, G Drive, Docs, PPTs, Calendar, tasks, Sites, YouTube, and Blogger are some a small number of the amazing software services of Google apps. Other major features of Google Apps are sharing, privacy, security, and cloud-based stage. In Google apps users do not need to installing, maintaining or updating new software; it’s all is in the cloud.

Complementary Features of Zoho mail vs Google Apps

Specification Zoho Mail Google Apps
Pricing It offers a free plan for teams of up to 25 users. Then increase to €5 /$5/user/month for the Standard plan. G Suite provides two plans for businesses, the basic pricing $5/user/month and for business $10/user/month.
Backup hold up possibility of data loss possibility of data loss
Assurance offer No guarantee or warranty No guarantee or warranty
Compatible web-browser Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox, Google Chrome,
GUI Interface is conflicting across a variety of software User-friendly interface and chronological view of documents
Advance email features Accessible 22 business as well as office applications
and User can insert HTML & CSS directly from the Web page
Blog posting via Meta Weblog & blogger APIs
Maintain version history of each document User can insert each document using email or Web
Documents are easy to implant in blogs and Websites
Cloud storage space It offers up to 5GB of cloud storage space and up to 25 unique email addresses, It offers limitless storage space i.e., 30GB.
Dependability Issues It is not such a reliable option as business email Google apps is the most dependable, influential technology in the cloud, which is ideal for rising business
Data Formatting It can protect MS Office formatting slightly better than Google Apps It cannot protect MS Office formatting
Email System It also offers a custom domain to small and large businesses It provide setup of 50 user accounts or 50 email addresses along with the Google Apps Standard Edition
Various Services It provides services as Group sharing, where users can create new groups with an assumed name and share all data items with all group members. It offers several services such as for communication Gmail Google+, Calendars, and Hangout, to store data it has Docs, Forms, Slides, Sheets, and to collaborate offers Sites, for handling services and users it has Vault.

What rocks?

Google Mail is a suite with the huge number of Google apps that users are probable to be using. Zoho Mail is charge less and integrates with various Zoho apps.

What sucks?

Google Apps has annoying integration among email accounts and it charges $5/ month. Zoho Mail has puzzling draft settings.

The Verdict

Zoho Mail and Google Apps comparison provide users the aptitude to administer emails from their domain without difficulty. The set up is comparatively easy, the GUI’s are simple and easy to understand as well as both products operate, as they are supposed to. If users only have a single email account and only one web presence then, there is a quantity of sign in payback for operating Google Apps as Mail. Where, Zoho is not the completely featured, other than the fact is that it provides a raft of applications within a charge less plan makes it smart for freelancers and small businesses on a financial plan. Its ecological unit is also a plus spot.

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