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How can I Add MSG File to PST Format? Use the Best Method

Anuraag Singh ~ Published: 07-Sep-2020 ~ msg, pst ~ 3 Minutes Reading

How can I Add MSG File to PST Format? Use the Best Method

The MSG file format contains information about a single message, such as date, sender or recipient details, the subject or body of the message, including format, and hyperlinks. Any user can create MSG files by dragging and dropping them to that location. However, the process to add MSG file to PST file format at one time is difficult and time-consuming. A large number of MSG files may cause data loss and management difficulties. In the next section, we discuss the most recommended method to add MSG files to Outlook PST format competently in batch mode.

Reasons to Add MSG file to PST

The main reason for adding MSG files to Outlook PST format is that if users have multiple MSG files, errors are likely to occur during the management process. Therefore, it is always recommended to add an email. A large number of MSG files may become the main reason for the loss of data. In the end, users alleviate headaches by linking multiple MSG files into one file, if there are multiple MSG files in a single folder as a backup. Therefore, in this case, managing them can become a tedious task. This is a time-consuming process that prevents users from getting the email they need.

Solutions to Add MSG Files to Outlook PST

If you are looking for a solution to add MSG files to PST simultaneously, you should try SysTools MSG to Outlook PST Converter tool. In this way, you can add MSG files in batch mode in Microsoft Outlook without changing the original format of the email. You can simply seek a quick solution to add MSG to PST files in batches, thereby saving precious time. Also, users can convert multiple Outlook MSG to PDF file format.

Add MSG File to PST Format using Elite Features

  • Effectively add multiple MSG files to PST files. It also provides the option to divide the generated PST into smaller parts.
  • Supports adding multiple MSG files to various versions of Outlook PST, such as 2019, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.
  • The easy-to-use interface allows non-technical users to easily operate on it.
  • Since it generates UNICODE PST files, there is no 2GB file size limit.
  • This tool can be easily installed on the latest version of Windows. You can add MSG files to Outlook PST file format without installing Outlook.
  • It provides you with the option to automatically detect files, thereby increasing the processing speed.

Working Steps to Add Multiple MSG Files to PST Format

Step 1. Download and run MSG to PST Converter Tool from the “Start” menu.

msg to pst

Step 2. Browse to the location where you saved the MSG file. After adding files to the software, the application will display them. You can preview the added files in multiple display modes, such as regular mail view, hexadecimal view, MIME, RTF, etc.

msg file to pst

Step 3. Select PST from the available file formats, and click “Advanced Settings” to apply the filter.

add msg file to pst

Step 4. Browse to the desired location to save the file, and then click “Export” to start converting the MSG file to PST format. In addition, you can save a summary of the generated export report.

save file

Concluding Statement

In the above blog, we discussed a reliable solution to add MSG file to PST file format. If you are considering to add MSG files to Outlook, please use a professional method because it has a batch-mode function that can save users valuable time.

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