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Can You Move a Teams Channel to Another Team? Get Your Query Solved

Anuraag Singh ~ Published: 25-Mar-2022 ~ Microsoft Teams ~ 5 Minutes Reading

“User Query: Hi there, I have made channels under my IT Admin’s Microsoft Teams and now due to restructuring, I need to move a teams channel to another team urgently. I have been looking for a solution but it seems like a dead end. Can I even Move a Team Channel to Another Teams? Can anyone please suggest a reliable solution? I would really appreciate that, Thanks!

Almost every organization is using Microsoft Teams to stay connected with one another. And, whenever there is a need to reorganize a particular department’s teams, moving data from a Teams channel to another Teams becomes essential.

Since Microsoft doesn’t provide any direct way to solve the problem, many such queries arise. Further, users get confused and wonder which method is best for them. Should they try moving files manually or is there any other way?

Well, if you too are searching for these answers then your search ends here. Cause here you will find the best-automated method to execute this task safely. So, keep on reading.

What is The Ultimate Way to Move a Teams Channel to Another Team?

You see, there is no straightforward in-house mechanism offered by the tech giant to move channels between teams. 

And, if you are thinking about doing it manually then that will be a total waste of time and effort. 

Why? Because you have to pick up files from different locations since Microsoft Teams data is not stored in a commonplace.

Hence, the most flexible way would be to take the help of a tried and tested software like SysTools Microsoft Teams Migration Tool.

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Now, in case you are wondering why you should opt for this tool then have a look at the next section.

Know the Reliable Tool to Move Channels Between Teams in a Hassel-free Way

This tool will give you answers to almost all your queries related to the migration of channels from one MS teams to another.

  1. Not just channels you can move Microsoft Teams, Groups, Channel chats, etc.
  2. Also, it preserves the timestamps of the conversations(created and last modified date)
  3. Retains the folder structure for your convenience when you move a teams channel to another team.
  4. You will not lose any data during the migration as it maintains data integrity throughout the process.
  5. There is an option to re-run the migration in case some items didn’t migrate in the first attempt[Provided you should not click on ‘Mark Migration Complete’- refer to step- 13 of the next section for better clarity]
  6. It automatically creates teams and channels at the destination

[Note- The tool creates public channels by default, so if you are moving a private channel then make sure to change it manually from public to private.]

Now, let’s get familiar with the working of the software to successfully carry out the task.

Detailed Procedure to Move a Teams Channel to Another Teams Using the Software

Follow the below steps and let the tool do the job of moving channels between the Teams.

Step-1. Download and launch the Teams migrator software.

Step-2. Go to the ‘Set up’ section and select ‘Office 365’ as both Source and Destination.


Step-3.  Scroll down until you find the Teams and Groups sections. Then, tick those checkboxes.

Step-4. Next, go to the ‘Source’ tab. Provide the Admin Email and Application ID and click on the ‘Validate’ button. It will verify the source permissions.

Step-5. Next, go to the ‘Destination’ tab. Provide the ‘Admin Email’ and ‘Application ID’ and click on the ‘Validate’ button. It will verify the destination permissions to move a teams channel to another team.

Step-6. After that, go to the ‘Resource’ tab. There you will find three sections i.e. ‘Users’, ‘Teams’, ‘Groups’

First, click on the ‘Users’ section. Then, specify the source accounts using any of the three options: ‘Fetch User’, ‘Import User’, ‘Download Template’

Step-7. After doing step-6, the source users will appear on the screen as shown below.

Step-8. Next, map source and destination users and then validate the permissions. 

After the verification, you will see the results as shown below.

Step-9. Now, go to the ‘Teams’ section of the ‘Resource tab’ and fetch teams. To specify the source teams, use any of the three options: ‘Fetch Teams’, ‘Import Teams’, ‘Download templates’

Step-10. Next, map the destination Teams with the Source teams. Click on the ‘Create Teams’ then provide destination names.

[Note: The software will provide the destination names as per the source name If you don’t provide the same.]

Step-11. Then, click ‘validate’. 

You will see the permissions turn green for both source and destination.

Step-12. Next, click  Start Migration to move a teams channel to another team.

Step-13. You can ‘Re-run Migration’ to retry failed items, re-run full migration, and migrate newly arrived items through ‘Delta Migration’

Step-14. To migrate ‘Groups’ from the ‘Resource’ Tab, repeat the same process as ‘Teams’

That is,  Fetch Groups>>Enter Destination Groups emails>>Validate permission. Then, on your screen, you will the outcome as shown below.

Step-15. In the end, click on Start Migration to copy a teams channel to another team.


Since Microsoft has not come up with a direct solution to move a teams channel to another team, the confusion among the Teams user is understandable. However, now most of the users must have found their answers after reading the article. So, go ahead and easily move channels between teams using trustworthy software.

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