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How to Migrate Teams Chat to Another Tenant? Step By Step Guide to Follow

Anuraag Singh | Published: 2021-12-30T06:25:19+00:00|Microsoft Teams | 5 Minutes Reading

This article describes the step by step easy procedure to migrate teams chat to another tenant. If you have a query similar to this, just go through this post to learn the most reliable way to perform this operation without any data loss or errors.

However, before getting into the step by step solution! Let’s start with a user query to understand the whole scenario in a better way:

User Query:

Hi Everyone

We urgently need to move teams including channel chats, files, and members, from one tenant to another due to some compliance reason. How to proceed with this task as there are no manual ways to do the same.

Do we have an automated way for this operation? Please let me know!


Microsoft Teams launched in 2017 as a part of the Office 365 suite. Though it became popular in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Nowadays, it is an integral part of the Office 365 business productivity suite. And businesses from all over the world use these services for their daily communication and collaboration.

However, there are various scenarios where the users of the O365 suite need to transfer their data from one tenant to another. In that case, they required various types of data migration operations to be performed including teams migration.

As, it is evident from the user query, that the user is looking for a tool to migrate teams chat to new tenant. Let’s discuss the ways that we can use to complete this task.

Unfortunately, there is no manual way or tool offered by Microsoft to perform this operation. Therefore, business organizations face various issues and technical complexities, while executing the same operation. Let’s discuss the most reliable way to execute this task with maximum data security and integrity. 

Right Way to Migrate Teams Chat to Another Tenant without any Data Loss

Many O365 IT admins suggested using the Most Secured & Reliable Microsoft Teams Migration Tool to migrate teams data to another tenant without any hassle. Moreover, it ensures maximum data security and integrity throughout the whole migration.

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There are various smart features available in this utility. Some of them are listed below

Software Features to Migrate Microsoft Teams Chat to New Tenant

  • It migrates MS Teams, Channels, Groups, Files, & Chats
  • Also transfers Members, Permissions Team site, & Links
  • Offers migration of Attachments, Emoji, GIF, Announcement, Reply, etc.
  • Delta Migration option to migrate only the newly received data in the source team
  • easily moves Message’s Body formatting, Created Date, Time, From, etc. 

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Step By Step Working Guide to Migrate Teams to Another Tenant

Below mentioned steps are the most reliable way to perform this technical operation without any error encounter. Users are advised to follow each step carefully:

Step 1. Download, install and launch the software & opt for Office 365 as the Source & the destination migration platforms.


Step 2. As you can see there are various options to choose from, you can choose the desired items from the given list. However, in order to migrate the team’s data, you need to enable the Teams checkbox & enable Teams & Channel creation. Also, you can allow group workload migration that includes group creation & group member migration if required.


Step 3. Provide the respective source and destination O365 admin account credentials to grant the valid permissions and click Next.


Step 4. Validate User accounts using Fetch Users or Import Users or Download Template options.


Step 5. Then, you need to create Teams for your target tenant. Validate Teams using Fetch Teams or Import Teams or Download Template options. Then after the validation, select the required channels that you want to migrate the chat. 


Step 6. Now hit the Start Migration button to migrate teams chat to another tenant.


Step 7. Once, your migration gets completed, click on the Mark Teams Complete option and proceed further.

Step 8. Create the respective Group mapping using any of those three options.

Step 9. Enter the destination as per requirement, click on Validate & Start Migration to migrate teams chat to new tenant.


Carefully follow along these steps to ensure a safe, secure, and error free data transfer experience. 

Bringing It All Together

In the absence of any tool or methods offered by Microsoft, users of O365 find it a tedious and complex task to migrate teams chat to another tenant. Therefore, in this write-up we have discussed the most asked user query with step by step explanation to follow.

The above mentioned utility ensures the error free and secure teams data migration without any data loss or hassle. Even a naïve O365 user can easily perform this task using the above tool, without facing any technical complexities. 

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