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Convert MBOX to HTML in Mac & Windows OS

Nilesh ~ Modified: October 17th, 2022 ~ Conversion ~ 4 Minutes Reading

MBOX files are the most widely used email format which is used by many email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Opera Mini, SeaMonkey, Netscape, etc. There is a large number of instances when some MBOX file is converted to HTML format. In this blog, we have covered some basic ways to convert MBOX to HTML.

Convert MBOX to HTML


Reason Why HTML is preferred over MBOX Files

  • Although the MBOX file is the most widely used email file format converting MBOX to HTML allows the user to get all the files incorporated at a single place where they can edit the document.
  • HTML files are even used so that they can be shared with any machine. As the HTML file doesn’t depend on any machine.
  • To access the emails on a web browser.
  • HTML format not only allows to get the data to get modified but also is easy to manage from anywhere.

Manually Convert MBOX to HTML Files

In the manual process, we have provided the methods, if available, for both Windows & Mac. The manual methods to convert MBOX to HTML are given below:

I. Windows OS

  1. Open the Thunderbird application on your Windows OS.
  2.  Select the particular folder that you wish to export to HTML format.
  3.  Right-click on the folder of your choice.
  4.  Select the Import Export Tools NG.
  5.  Choose the Export all Messages from the folder option.
  6.  Select the options either HTML format or HTML format with attachments.
  7.  Select the destination folder to save the emails as HTML files.

II. Mac OS

There is no direct solution available on Mac OS to convert MBOX files to HTML format.

The manual way provided is self-sufficient to convert MBOX to HTML format, provided that these files belong to Thunderbird. But if they belong to other platforms or are orphan MBOX, then the user can opt for an automated way that will easily convert orphan MBOX files as HTML.

Shortcomings of the Manual Method

  • There is no manual method available for Mac users.
  • The process needs the user to have some initial technical base about email client options.
  • Orphan files cannot be processed by the manual method.
  • The risk to lose important emails in between the implementation of the manual process.

Automated Tool to Convert MBOX to HTML on MAC & Windows

An automated tool that converts MBOX file to HTML file format is MBOX Migration Tool. It allows exporting MBOX of all the email applications regardless of number, size, and origin into the HTML format. The tool has most of the advanced feature which allows the data to be filtered in a unique manner.

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Plus it is available for Mac users as well.

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We will showcase the working of the tool on the Mac platform for the users:

1. Run the software on your Mac system.
run the mac software
2. Click Add File or Add folder and add the MBOX file(s) that you want to convert to HTML format.
add file or add folder
3. Select the HTML format and apply different advanced settings.
select html format
4. Finally, click the Export button to start converting Mac MBOX to HTML files.
export the emails to HTML format

Do note that the software also exports the attachments along with the HTML files. Since, technically HTML cannot retain attachments, this tool exports the attached files in folders having the same name as the exported HTML documents.

Bottom Line

The bottom line of this blog is that we are able to convert MBOX to HTML format which helps any user to get a chance to convert to HyperText Markup Language file type. In this blog, we have provided both the manual as well as the automated solution. It totally depends on the client’s usage, if the MBOX files are in large volume then they can convert MBOX 2 HTML using an automated tool.