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How to Convert PST file to MBOX

Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: October 14th, 2022 ~ Conversion, Outlook, pst ~ 4 Minutes Reading

PST files are personal storage tables created by Microsoft and used to store information like emails, contacts, tasks, and subjects. Some people, however, want to convert PST file to MBOX, and if you’re one of them, you’ve come to the right place.

As a result, we’ll go through the various methods for migrating Outlook PST to MBOX in this blog post. But first, we needed to figure out why the PST files were being converted.

Various Benefits of Converting PST files to MBOX files

There are a number of reasons to convert PST file to MBOX, however, the following are the most common:-

  • Customers must purchase the licensed version of MS Outlook when the trial edition ends, which is too expensive for many users. As a result, customers choose to use free email clients available on the internet.
  • Repairing a PST file that has been damaged due to a server crash or any other reason is a time-consuming process.
  • When you switch your business email application from Windows to Mac OS, there are a few things to consider.

Method 1: Manually convert PST file to MBOX format for Mac and Windows

Follow the methods below to complete the PST file migration process: –

  1. To begin, open the Mac MS Outlook application.
  2. Then pick Import from the drop-down option on the file menu.
  3. In the next box, choose the PST file and click Next.
  4. From the “Pick a file type” option, choose Outlook for Windows.
  5. The user must now upload a PST file and double-check the PST file’s data folder.
  6. To save the PST file to your desktop, just drag it to the desktop. So you’ve completed the PST to MBOX migration.
  7. The MBOX file that was produced may now be easily loaded into Mac Mail.

The Drawbacks of the Manual Method

The manual method has the following disadvantages:

  • The method is complicated for non-technical users.
  • The conversion from PST to MBOX takes a lengthy time.
  • It becomes a significant concern if you skip a step.
  • Data loss and corruption are quite likely to occur.

Method 2: Automated way to Convert PST file to MBOX For Windows

If the previous approach does not work for you, here is the best and simplest way to migrate PST to MBOX that you have. Utilize the virus-free PST to MBOX Converter application, which has a user interface that is simple enough for non-technical users to use.

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Step-by-step Guidelines

  • Download and run the software in your Windows operating system.
  • After that, add your PST file to the software.
  • Now, you can get a complete Preview of your PST file data.
  • Then, click on Export Button and select MBOX file format from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, select the destination location in the software.
  • Now, Hit the Export button to start the process.
  • Finally, easily converted PST file to MBOX.


Convert PST file to MBOX for Mac

  • Download and Run the software in your Mac operating system.
  • After that, Add your PST file to the software and you can get a complete preview.
  • Now, click on Export Button and select MBOX in from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, select the destination location and hit the Export button.
  • Finally, Converted the PST file to MBOX File Format.

export as MBOX


As a result, we investigated both manual and automated PST to MBOX migration methods. However, it should be emphasized that using the manual technique does not ensure data integrity and is a time-consuming operation.

Users of PST Converter, on the other hand, may convert PST file to MBOX with only a few clicks and no technical skills required. To see how the application works, you may download a demo version.