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Error in SQL Server 2000

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    Lincoln Burrows
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    The same database and application acts weirdly on our test machine, but it works nice on other computers.

    On the test machine:

    • We get SSL error exception. We fixed that based on an MS KB article, but after that it said
    • Server error” or “General network error” and slowed down to 1-2 stored procedures/second.
    • The profiler said that we have 2000-2500 connections when the application runs. The same application has only 5-10 connection on other machines. I think the random error messages are caused by this huge connection count.

    We reinstalled SQL Server, turned off the connection pool, and closed all datareaders.

    What else can I do? Is there a “deeper” configuration tool for MSSQL2k? Any hidden component/ini/config/registry key? Or another profiler other than SQL Profiler that I can use?

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    Andrew Jackson
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    What happens if you turn off OLE DB Resource Pooling?

    'For SQLOLEDB provider
     'strConnect = "Provider=SQLOLEDB;server=MyServerName;OLE DB Services = -2;uid=AppUser;pwd=AppUser;initial catalog=northwind"
    ' For MSDASQL provider 
    'strConnect = "DSN=SQLNWind;UID=Test;PWD=Test; OLE DB Services= -2"
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    Stephen West
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    When the SQLCommand.CommandTimeout is set to zero, you expect an infinite timeout. However, versions 1.1 and 1.0 of the SqlClient provider incorrectly timeout when a response from SQL Server is broken into two packets. Immediately upon receipt of the second packet, versions 1.1 and 1.0 of the provider incorrectly timeout. The fix that is included in this article fixes this issue so that the command will have an infinite timeout.

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    Lincoln Burrows
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    Thank you, maybe that will work.

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