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    Edwin J Hoffer

    I have been wondering if anyone could help me in importing Internet calendar to Office 365 account. Actually the Zap Calendar (iCalendar Library) is not supportable to my documents. So I need to move my ICS to Office 365 account.

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    Mariya Beckham
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    All iCalendar data is stored in a PHP object tree. This allows any property to be added to the iCalendar feed without requiring specialized library function calls. Missing or invalid properties can cause the resulting iCalendar file to be invalid. Visit to view valid properties and test your feed using the site’s iCalendar validator tool.
    Here is an example of a PHP program to create a single event iCalendar file:

    < ?php $title = "Simple Event"; // date/time is in SQL datetime format $event_start = "2020-01-01 12:00:00"; $event_end = "2020-01-01 13:00:00"; // create the ical object $icalobj = new ZCiCal(); // create the event within the ical object $eventobj = new ZCiCalNode("VEVENT", $icalobj->curnode);

    // add title
    $eventobj->addNode(new ZCiCalDataNode(“SUMMARY:” . $title));

    // add start date
    $eventobj->addNode(new ZCiCalDataNode(“DTSTART:” . ZCiCal::fromSqlDateTime($event_start)));

    // add end date
    $eventobj->addNode(new ZCiCalDataNode(“DTEND:” . ZCiCal::fromSqlDateTime($event_end)));

    // UID is a required item in VEVENT, create unique string for this event
    // Adding your domain to the end is a good way of creating uniqueness
    $uid = date(‘Y-m-d-H-i-s’) . “”;
    $eventobj->addNode(new ZCiCalDataNode(“UID:” . $uid));

    // DTSTAMP is a required item in VEVENT
    $eventobj->addNode(new ZCiCalDataNode(“DTSTAMP:” . ZCiCal::fromSqlDateTime()));

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    Edwin J Hoffer

    I can’t understand any of this.

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    Dexter Morgan
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    Don’t worry you get an option to move ICS to Office 365 very easily. Migrating ICS to Office 365 account will help you to access any type of calendar.

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