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    Justin Hansen

    Hello everyone currently I am using SQL Server 2008 and I want to migrate database from server 2008 to server 2012. But I am not able to do that so please help me.

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    Eddie Thwan
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    Hi There are many methods available to migrate your data from one server to another server. One is Backup and restore method;
    Step1- Take the backup from the source database so that it can occupy later on the destination path such as on server 2005.
    Step2- Now connect the instance of SQL Server to the destination computer (on which you want to copy the database). And if needed create the same backup devices on the destination server.
    Step3- Now restore the backup on the destination server of the source database. Basically restoring the database makes all database files.

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    Natalie Chopra

    Here it is manual method follow the following steps-
    Step1- First of all launch the Sql Server Management Studio from object explorer and connect to the source server.

    Step2- Now click right on database then select option task and then copy database.

    Step3- Then it opens a screen click next on it.

    Step 4- Fill the information asked then click on next.

    Step 5- Now fill destination server name then click next.
    Step6- You can use the SQL management object method and then press next.

    Step 7- By this you can verify MDF and Log files also. And if you have any procedure inside the master database then select, further click next button.

    Step 8-Now select Windows event log after then click next option.

    Step 9- If you want to run it Run then press next.

    Step10- In last you have to check the option and then press on finish option.

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