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    Hi, I have been using Mac Outlook on Macbook pro from last month. But I am facing unlimited number issue that never gone to solve. Everyday my work starts with the researching on Mac Outlook issues. I am done with Mac Outlook. Now I want to go back to my previous email client application which I started using during college days. Is there any way to migrate from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail? I have already read about the manual solution which seems to very difficult for me to accomplished. There might be any other solution will definitely exists which helps me to export data from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail. Please help me.

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    Michael Scofield
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    Hi Justin, I can understand your problem. But I would like to know what type of issues, you have to faced while using Mac Outlook. Maybe I can help you to permanently troubleshoot such issues! Please elaborate your problems with Mac Outlook. If the issue is not solvable then we will look up for other choices as well.

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    Christ Harold

    Hi Justin, I am totally Agreed with Michael that you should try to get permanent solution for your problem. Moreover, it’s totally depends on you to move from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail. We are just only curious to know what type of issues forced you to get shifted from Outlook for Mac to Apple Mail?. We are happy to you if you would like to share your exact problem with us.

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    Dear Michael, There are multiple issue but the irritation starts when each time, I want to sync my Outlook with exchange server. I looked up internet and official supports sites of Microsoft but did not find any sophisticated solution. As a result of this issue, I am accessing important emails through web application.
    If you have solution then please let me know. Otherwise, suggest some standard solution to easily switch from Mac Outlook 2016 to Apple Mail.

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    Michael Scofield
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    Hi Justin,
    Thanks for replying back. You are facing problem that Mac Outlook 2016 is not syncing with Exchange server. I have specially written blog on same which covers all aspects of Outlook for Mac not syncing with Exchange.
    Read Article:

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    Dear Michael,
    I have read the article and tried the methods as mentioned but there is no change in the issue. Dear friend, I don’t want to waste more time on such reckless things. But I am looking for the solution which helps to export Mac Outlook OLM to Apple Mail. Please let me know, if you have recommendation or manual solution to migrate from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail. I am waiting for your quick reply.

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    Christ Harold

    Dear Justin,
    There are multiple ways by which you can export Mac Outlook data to Apple Mail.
    1. Via Manual Solution
    2. Via SysTools OLM File Converter

    The manual solution is little bit complex but will help surely.
    First of all you need to configure your company email account (IMAP) in Mac Outlook and them sync all data with your company mail server. Now configure the same email account in Apple Mail.

    The manual solution is somewhat lengthy and requires complex operation to accomplished. So, it is recommended to go with SysTools OLM File Converter for Mac. It will gives you result in MBOX file format which can be easily imported into Apple Mail using Import option.

    I hope this will end up your problem.

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