How to fix New-MailboxExportRequest is Not Recognized Error in Exchange 2016?

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    Mariya Beckham
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    I am using Microsoft Exchange 2016 for a long time but now I am thinking to switch my email application to MS Outlook. To perform the conversion, I opted to use New-MailboxExport Request cmdlet as it is a free method to export mailbox from EDB to PST. But, when I tried running this command, an error occurred i.e. New-MailboxExportRequest is not recognized. I don’t know why I am getting this error. Can anyone please help me to resolve the issue ASAP?

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    Lincoln Burrows
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    Hello Mariya,
    I was also trying to move my mailbox data to Outlook using this command but I also got an error message. The New MailboxExportRequest failed to transfer the Exchange data. I am using Exchange 2013 and I am also getting the error.

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    Dexter Morgan
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    Hi Sandra & Lincoln,
    The primary use of New-MailboxExportRequest cmdlet is to start the conversion process. It creates a request to export mailbox which is then followed by various other commands. But, sometimes this command fails to perform and there can be various possible reasons for it such as:

    1. The Microsoft Exchange you are using is not the updated version.
    2. The account implementing the export request does not have the required permissions.
    3. Another factor can be not running the Exchange Management Shell commands with administrator rights.
    4. Corrupted or damaged Exchange database can also be a reason.

    To fix New-MailboxExportRequest failed error, you can try updating the Exchange version by installing SP1. After updating, restart EMS and try running the command again.

    Another solution is to run Exchange Management Shell as an administrator.

    If these solutions doesn’t work, then the third option is to check that the account using which you are implementing the command have “Import Export Mailbox” permission. If not, then first assign the permission and then try running the cmdlet again.

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    Sandra Diaz

    Hi Dexter,
    Thanks for the solution.
    I have tried all the above-mentioned methods explained by you but still, I am unable to perform the migration. I think my Exchange mailbox data is damaged due to some reason. I am still getting New-MailboxExportRequest is not recognized error as before. Can you please suggest me any other tool using which I can remove corruption and transfer the data quickly?

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    Stephen West
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    Hello Sandra,
    If you are unable to export mailbox data after trying all the manual procedures then there are chances that your database is corrupted. You can go for a third party application such as EDB to PST Converter Software. This software will help you to remove corruption from Exchange database and then move it to Microsoft Outlook with ease.
    Another major benefit of using this utility is that it processes mailbox data of Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010 and its lower versions. It also enables users to perform batch migration which makes the entire procedure time efficient as well and a user doesn’t have to remove New MailboxExportRequest not working error.

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    Sandra Diaz

    Thanks for the solution Stephen! I successfully migrated my entire data using this application. I didn’t know that the conversion process is so easy with the professional software.

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    Lincoln Burrows
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    Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for the reply. Even I easily switched my email application to Outlook without trying to fix New-MailboxExportRequest is not recognized error.

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