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    Barry Alllen
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    Hello everyone, Can anyone suggest me methods to remove passwords from my pdf files. Whenever I want to open a pdf, I have to enter passwords,it became quite a lengthy process. I just want to fully unlock it from password & permissions so I can save more time.

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    Christ Harold

    Hello there, yes there is a method available by which you can remove your pdf restriction & password.

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    Barry Alllen
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    Which one, can you please elaborate?

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    Christ Harold

    It is known as Adobe acrobat pro,you just need to follow the given process:

    Step 1: If you do not already have Adobe Acrobot PRO pro, install it on your computer. You may use it’s 7 days free trial by given link

    Step 2: Open the secure PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro, so you can check its workings.
    Step 3: Check its permissions by first clicking on >> FILE then click on>> properties, you can see an image which describes all the PDF permissions.
    Step 4: After checking permissions, you can change the desired permissions by selecting no security from security method:-
    Step 5: After choosing No Security, you have to provide the password of the secured PDF file:-
    Step 6: After giving the password, you can easily see the next window in which all the permissions are removed.

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    Barry Alllen
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    hello there, thank you for the suggestion, but I don’t have adobe acrobat pro, it is very costly also, so can you suggest me a free solution or something affordable.

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    Christ Harold

    okay then, let’s first discuss about the free solution:
    Web browsers like chrome print Function can easily bypass or remove PDF password
    Steps are as follow:
    via chrome browsers
    Step 1: Drag & drop your PDF in a new Tab.
    step 2: enter the password of the pdf file.
    Step 3: Right-click on the Browser & choose the Print option.
    Step 4: Change the destination to “Save as PDF”.
    Step 5: Click on Save Button & Store it on local Directory. The Chrome Browser will bypass the PDF permissions & password to save the original PDF file without security.

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    Barry Alllen
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    wow, this looks quite simple, but I work in an organization, where I have to go threw a bulk of pdfs, is there any tool which can remove password from pdf in bulk?

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    Eddie Thwan
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    yes there is a solution, it is known as PDF Unlocker, the process to remove password from pdf is given below

    via PDf Unlocker

    step 1: Download & Install SysTools PDF Unlocker form this link:

    Step 2: After download, select the unlock button to start the process:
    step 3: Just click on the Browse button & select the file from your local directory:
    Step 4: As soon the file is loaded, click on the Open file to open the file:
    Step 5: See the permissions here, click on the Browse button to store the resultant PDF file
    then click on the unlock Button to remove restrictions from PDF File.
    Step 6: If the PDF gets unlocked successfully, a message box will be open. Click on “OK” to proceed further.
    This tool draws the comparison of the file restriction before & after unlocking the PDF
    Step 7: Check, is the PDF is unlocked for the Copy option, by performing the following test procedure:
    First, open the PDF File Document » then select the content to be copied
    Now click on the Edit menu and then select Copy File to Clipboard.
    Step 8: Check the print functionality by selecting Print from the File menu, if it gets selected then it can be printed easily:

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