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Easily Migrate Lotus Domino Mailboxes to Office 365 – Proven Solution!

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Many times, most of the user encounters some issues in IBM Lotus Notes and it makes difficult for a user to access the data items. In such situation, it seems like Business Killers for the organization and our whole data seems to be at basal. So, the main question arises how to overcome it and resolve the problem. The solution to the problem is Migrate from Domino to Office 365.

Being a perennial software user, it becomes very difficult to understand different software again and again. To export NSF files from the domino server to other platform is a way that helps in transferring data. But, there are some other problems by which the user gives up to resolve the problem. In this particular segment, we have covered the manual way as well as a trusted automated tool that will definitely help the user to transfer Domino to O365 effortlessly.

Why IBM Domino Server Gets Corrupted?

Handling database files of an organization is not an easy job and when it comes to the corruption of data the admin of the database get into a complete panic. The IBM Domino server is a huge data platform and association of data which is having huge data in it makes the parent directory corrupted. The solution is to export Domino mailboxes to cloud or any to another platform.

Common Reason Behind the Corruption

  • There are certain Domino databases which are always open because the server Domino Directory always needs them, so executing any disk utilities which alter file structure or root tree or attack an I/O of a file will definitely affect the Domino server.
  • There are certain files in the database that contains multiple attributes and same data then it would make the server over loaded and a stage will come when the sever fails to hold the data. Then NSF to Office 365 migration will solve the issues that occur because of file duplicity.
  •  The user also faces the problems the issues Like Entry not found at index, error creating a new object and log files corruption.

Conversion is the only solution so that works here as Office 365 provide multiple features that land up in the user list.

Manual Way to Migrate from Lotus Domino to Office 365

One of the most preferred methods from Lotus Notes is the IMAP migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365. The following segment explains the entire method in a step by step process:

Step 1: Create a Backup of Lotus NSF files

The first and foremost step is that the user should make a backup of all existing mailboxes item stored in NSF files. To achieve Domino to O365 before the migration process starts helps to avoid data loss.

Step 2: Create a Fresh Mailbox

Once the backup is done, then the process to create a new mailbox is to be done.

Step 3: Enable IMAP for all clients

The next step is to enable IMAP for all users.

  • Open Domino Admin in IBM Notes
  •  Next, click to Configuration tab
  •  Then, open the Server document which is required to migrate from Domino to Office 365
  •  Enable the default IMAP Port so that, the user can alter the ‘TCP/IP port value
  •  At last, click on ‘Save’, and exit

Step 4: Connect with IMAP Connector

Lastly, use the IMAP Connector to export all the mailboxes. However, the process that utilizes IMAP Connector also has certain limitations as well.

Know the Associated Limitations

The Domino to O365 migration with IMAP Connector have multiple limitations which are listed below:

  • Lotus Notes behind firewall or proxy will never connect to the web.
  • It takes a lot of time depending on the server size.
  • The migration using IMAP protocol can only move online data to O365.
  • It can move emails of maximum 1 GB size to Online Exchange.

Therefore, it is better to grasp some another error-free and easy method to avoid mentioned flaws, when the user has to migrate from Lotus Domino to Office 365 Cloud, it is suggested that they use some software that can easily help them out.

Migrating NSF Files to MS Office 365 Seamlessly – A Well-Rounded Approach

Now, you all know about the different complications while exporting the IBM Domino mailboxes manually. As a result, most of the users may not be interested to migrate Lotus Domino to Office 365 using the IMAP Connector. One can make the best use of a reliable third-party software to get rid of the challenging hurdles imposed by the manual method.

Use Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Tool to experience a seamless NSF data migration to Office 365. It is incorporated with endless features that enables to transfer single or bulk NSF files to Office 365 account. One can avail numerous advanced features while migrating NSF files to O365. It includes date filter option, selective data items export, delta migration, re-run migration, concurrent migration, option to stop migration at any time and much more.

Users can download the free demo version, which is availed free of cost that allows to migrate only two user accounts. However, the licensed/ full version is paid, which enables to migrate countless NSF mailboxes to Office 365.


In this particular segment, we have discussed the methods through which users can migrate from Lotus Domino to Office 365. We have covered two ways in this write. Users can avail any of the aforementioned approaches i.e., manual or automated solution to accomplish the goal.

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