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How to Export IMAP to PST?

Anuraag Singh ~ Published: 22-Apr-2022 ~ Backup, pst ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Hi, here we are going to discuss the solution for how to export IMAP to PST Manually and with Automated Way? I am considering that you are a technical person and you know very well the difference between Outlook IMAP Configuration and POP Configuration.

In brief, when MS Outlook is connected with IMAP Configuration then its default data file is .ost. Moreover, in the case of POP Configuration, the default data file is PST (Personal Storage File). In both Scenarios the data storage file is different.

Now, if you want to export IMAP to PST. Then here are the best manual freeware solution and automated solutions as per your requirement. So, before going on to the solution part. Let’s figure out why Users directly go with a Quick Solution to convert EMAP to PST. But firstly, have a look at users’ queries.

Users Query 

“Greetings, professionals! I’m an IT administrator who wants to use Outlook 2016 to Export IMAP to PST. I was continuously dissatisfied despite my attempts to use the free internet choices. I can no longer take any chances with my data, therefore I’m looking for a Windows and Mac OS IMAP to PST transfer solution. Please share your response!”

“Is exporting an IMAP account to a PST account possible? If that’s the case, please suggest an application for me to download and install on my computer. The data file for Outlook IMAP is backed up. I’d want to store it as a PST file as well.”

Why do Users Directly move to Quick Solution to Export IMAP to PST?

  • Batch Conversion: On MAC OS, this fantastic tool exports IMAP emails to PST format in batch mode. This approach allows users to backup multiple IMAP mails to PST at the same time.
  • No File Size Limitations: Users may use this tool to several IMAP Backup to a number of file formats with no file size restrictions. Users may export IMAP emails in bulk and perform Mac IMAP Server Backup without difficulties.
  • Selective Backup: This feature allows users to backup emails from the Mac IMAP Server to PST and other file formats on a per-email basis.
  • Compatible with All Versions: This tool is great for Export IMAP to PST on the Mac, and it works with all versions of MS Outlook and Mac OS, even older ones.

Method 1: Manual Way to Convert IMAP Emails to PST

  • Open MS Outlook and go file menu option.
  • Click on Import/Export Option.
  • And select the Export option and choose .pst as the saving option.

Second option Change IMAP Setting to POP

  • Open your MS Outlook on your device.
  • Go with Outlook account settings from IMAP to POP.
  • Modify the account manually using the correct server setting.
  • Finally, your IMAP data will automatically be saved in PST Files.

The Manual Method Drack back

  • Severe inconsistency issues might worsen data loss.
  • A tactical operative strategy can be used by non-technical people.
  • There is no way to migrate selectively.
  • One by one, mailboxes are relocated.
  • It is necessary to check for the possibility of acquiring defective backup IMAP settings and OST file accessibility.

Method 2: Best Solution to Export IMAP to PST

Export IMAP to PST format using the IMAP Backup Tool. The aforementioned technique may result in a degraded file due to underlying restrictions. As a result, the user can utilize the previously specified tool to achieve the desired outcome.

The following attributes also contribute to the usefulness. The quality of the finished file is improved since the application is combined with features such as maintaining hierarchical structure, keeping folder data intact, maintaining data integrity during the process, and so on.

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Step-by-step Method

  • Download and Run the in your Operating System.
  • After that, choose the host domain, and provide the login credentials.
  • Now, choose PST as the export type from the drop-down menu.
  • Then, apply the Advance Setting option in the software.
  • After that, choose the destination location and hit the start backup button.


Final Words

This article explains how to export IMAP to PST in Outlook. Although there are various problems in the manual approach that make it inefficient at times, it is still a feasible choice.

In this case, an automated solution might be advantageous to a person in terms of achieving favorable results. The best technique a user can recommend is to employ an automated solution. Appreciate the ease while achieving the best possible outcome.

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