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How to Export Outlook for Mac Contacts to Outlook for Windows?

export outlook for mac contacts to outlook for windows
Nilesh ~ Modified: March 7th, 2022 ~ Mac Outlook ~ 6 Minutes Reading
“I have been working on Microsoft Outlook for many years. Recently, I switched from the Mac Operating system laptop to a Windows-based Operating system. Now, I want to move Mac Outlook contacts to Windows Outlook. But I am not able to figure out how can I implement this task. Is there any way using which I can export Outlook for Mac contacts to Outlook for Windows?”

Nowadays, people switch from one platform to another platform rapidly due to multiple factors such as business need, better performance, efficiency, etc. Additionally, the requirements vary from user to user. In today’s era, Microsoft Outlook is one of the most frequently used email clients by various organizations.

However, Outlook users are divided into two categories: Mac Outlook users and Windows Outlook users. Sometimes, Mac Outlook users need to export contacts to Windows Outlook. Unfortunately, users are not able to find a simple and reliable way to do this. Thus, in this blog, we are going to explain the complete procedure to move Mac Outlook contacts to Windows Outlook.

Manual Methods to Export Outlook for Mac Contacts to Outlook for Windows

We have two manual methods to do this:

  • The first method saves the file in CSV so as to import it in Windows Outlook.
  • While the second method saves contacts in Vcard so as to import them in Windows Outlook.

Manual Method 1

In this section, we are going to introduce a step-by-step process to export contacts from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.

  1. Export Contacts from Mac Outlook In CSV
  2. Import CSV Contacts File to Windows Outlook

Step 1: Move Contacts from Mac Outlook in CSV File Format

  • First, open Outlook application on your Mac Operating system.
  • Now, click on Contacts, and from the File menu, choose Export.

choose export in file menu

  • After that, a dialog box will appear saying ‘What do you want to export?’. Here, you need to select Contacts to a list (tab-delimited text) option and then click on the right arrow.
  • Next, a Save box will appear on your screen.

save contacts box

  • Change the extension from .txt to .csv.
  • In the Where field, you have to choose the location to save the file.
  • Finally, click on the Save button.

click the save button

  • It is done.

Step 2: Import CSV Contacts File to Windows Outlook

  • Open Outlook on your Windows system and click on File.

  • Now, select Open & Export > Import/Export.

select import/export

  • In the Import and Export Wizard, you have to select Import from another program or file option and then click on the Next button.

choose another program or file

  • Now, select Comma Separated Values and then click on the Next button.

select outlook data file

  • Browse the .csv file which you exported in Step 1.

browse the contacts csv file

  • Under the Options section, choose do not import duplicates and click on the Next button.
  • Select the destination location to save the CSV contacts file.

select the contacts folder

  • Also, make sure the check-box next to ‘Import My Contacts.csv’ is selected.

click finish button

  • Click the Finish button.

Manual Method 2

In this section, we will describe another free method to export Outlook for Mac contacts to Outlook for Windows:

  1. Export Mac Outlook contacts to vCard
  2. Import vCard file in Windows Outlook

Step 1: Export Mac Outlook Contacts to vCard

  1. Create a new folder on your system.
  2. Run Outlook 2016 or 2019 on Mac.
  3. Select all the Outlook contacts you want to export.
  4. Drag and drop all the selected contacts in the new folder on your system.
  5. Open Contacts application on your Mac.
  6. Now, select all the contact files from the new folder.
  7. Drag and drop them into the Contacts application.
  8. In the Contacts app, Click File | Export | Export vCard.
  9. Save the vCard file on your Mac.

Step 2: Import vCard file in Outlook for Windows

  • Right-click on the vCard file.
  • Select Open with | Outlook.
  • Click Save & Close option.
  • Open Outlook and the vCard contacts will be present in the Contacts folder.

Important: Since we are making use of some tricks to import Mac Outlook contacts to Windows, there are bound to be some complications. So, at the end of both the manual methods, make sure to check your contacts for anything missing.

If the method fares well, then hurrah! If not, then make use of the below-given solution.

A Better Way to Export Outlook for Mac Contacts to Outlook for Windows

Sometimes, the user needs to export Mac Outlook contacts to Windows Outlook. To save time and eliminate complicated situations, users opt for an automated yet reliable solution to implement the process.

With OLM Contacts Migrator, one can easily convert Mac Outlook OLM files in bulk without any problem. It supports converting all data items from Outlook for Mac files like contacts, calendars, emails, tasks, etc.

When you choose the CSV or VCF (vCard) format, the tool automatically processes all the contacts and delivers you the export file in the selected format. Afterwards, you can move the exported file to Windows and import the contacts into Outlook.

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Moreover, the tool is capable to maintain the on-disk folder hierarchy of the OLM files even after the conversion process. You can even convert OLM files to PST and import them in Outlook to get your contacts. No data loss or security issues are associated with the software.

Step 1 – Export Contacts to OLM file in Outlook for Mac

  • In Outlook for Mac, go to File | Export.

export in outlook for mac olm

  • Choose Outlook for Mac data file.

select outlook for mac data file

  • Save the file on your Mac system.

save the file

Step 2 – Convert Outlook for Mac OLM contacts to Outlook for Windows

  • Run the software and click Add File.

run the software

  • Add the OLM file exported in Step 1.

add the olm file

  • Choose either CSV or vCard as per your choice.

choose the export format

  • Click the Export button to export Outlook for Mac contacts to Outlook for Windows supported file.

choose the export format

Afterward, simply import the CSV file or vCard file into Windows Outlook as explained in Step 2 of Manual method 1 & Manual method 2 respectively.

Final Words

If an Outlook user is moving from Mac to Outlook or uses both the Operating systems simultaneously, he/she will sometimes require to move data between them. In this write-up, we explained the complete process to export Outlook for Mac contacts to Outlook for Windows. There are two manual methods to achieve this. In addition, if the user is not satisfied with the results or wants to move other data items with contacts, he/she can opt for the professional tool.