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    Eddie Thwan
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    Hey guys,

    Help me out to repair priv1.edb file in Exchange Server. Is there any solution to repair priv1.edb file. Today I just open my Exchange server to check out my Mailbox messages. But not able to access & view messages due to corrupt priv1.edb file. Could someone suggest me some method in Exchange Server to repair priv1.edb database file. If there is any online tool, you can suggest it also.

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    Mariya Beckham
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    Yes, you can repair priv1.edb files, using an inbuilt utility called ESEUTIL of Exchange server. An ESEUTIL utility can run to check the integrity and to repair a damaged or corrupt priv1.edb file.

    Note: Please take backup of your EDB file and free disk space at least Twenty percent for exchange database size to repair corrupt priv1.edb database file.

    Location of EXEUTIL Utility: \EXCHSRVR\BIN directory
    Location of Private file: c:\program files\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb

    Follow the steps to run Eseutil.exe Tool and recover mail from priv1.edb file.

    1. First Run the Command Prompt by Start >> Run.
    2. Type “CMD” and click OK.
    3. Go to C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin directory location.
    4. You can see, various option available and command for a different function according to need. But at this moment our main focus into repair priv1.edb file

    Now type “eseutil /p “D:\Mail EX\MDBDDATA\priv1.edb” to repair file.

    Try this method, hope you can recover mail from priv1.edb File using above steps.

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    Eddie Thwan
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    Thanks for sharing such information, Hope these steps work for me and able to recover priv1.edb exchange messages.

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    Barry Alllen
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    Hey, use can also use various option of /p command in ESEUTIL /p command.

    All command are precisely described below:

     Defragmentation:  ESEUTIL /d <database name> [options]
                 Recovery:   ESEUTIL /r <logfile base name> [options]
               Integrity:   ESEUTIL /g <database name> [options]
              File Dump:  ESEUTIL /m[mode-modifier] <file name>
                Repair: ESEUTIL /p <database name> [options]
                 Restore:   ESEUTIL /c[mode-modifier] <path name> [options]
                Checksum:  ESEUTIL /k <database name> [options]

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    Eddie Thwan
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    Hey, I try this method, but still not able to view my Mailboxes messages. I just search this forum and found this article link related to the problem while recovering data using ESEUTIL Utility of Exchange server.

    Is there any tool that can recover messages from damaged database file and repair priv1.edb File of my Exchange server?

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    Kerry Morris
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    Yes, you can go for Exchange Recovery tool to recover data from EDB File. Software can recover deleted emails from Exchange mailboxes files. It repairs private and public files which can help the user to recover emails from priv1.edb database files.

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