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How to Import Contacts from Excel to iPhone?

Nilesh ~ Modified: January 5th, 2023 ~ Excel File ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Looking for a quick way to Import Contacts from Excel to iPhone so you can run your business more efficiently and effectively?

Manually importing all contacts from a diverse Excel contact database on your PC onto the iPhone, on the other hand, is not an option.

There are a few ways to easily transfer Excel contacts to your iPhone, fortunately. This article will walk you through the process of importing contacts from Excel to your iPhone.

To learn about all of the ways you can transfer Excel contacts to your iPhone, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

How to Import Contacts from Excel to iPhone?

This is not an option since there is no direct method to migrate contacts from an excel sheet (CSV) to iCloud. As a result, you’ll need to convert it to VCF format first. Here are a few manual options for getting the job done quickly:

Automated Way to Import Excel Contacts File to to iPhone

Excel to vCard Converter Tool is the best software to help you import Excel contacts to iPhone without any problem or data loss. This is an advanced application developed for both technical and non-technical users. It also provides a demo version that allows you to use the device normally. The following section shows some of the features provided by the tool to convert Excel xls to vcf.  The whole process of transferring Excel contacts to iPhone is divided into two main steps:

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Plus it is available for Mac users as well.

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As mentioned above, you need to convert Excel Xls to vCard file format first. There is no manual technique to convert Excel XLS files to vCard format. We provide the best software that allows you to create perfect versions without any hassle. The Excel to vCard conversion software follows the steps below to complete the conversion.

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Steps to Import Contacts from Excel to iPhone

Step 1: Convert Excel File to vCard Format
Step 2: Import vCard to iPhone

Let’s start the process of transferring Excel spreadsheets to iPhone contacts. Follow the steps below to complete the task properly without data loss.

#Convert Excel to vCard Format

  • First you need to Download the automatic Solution on your any system
  • Launch it and click “Browse” to add the Excel contact file to the software

Click on Browse File

  • Browse to the Excel file (CSV, XLS, XLSX, TXT, XLSM, XLSB, XLTX), select the file and click Open to transfer Excel contacts to iPhone

Click on Open

  • After loading, the software previews Excel contacts with all fields. click Next

  • Select an Excel contacts and place it in a vCard contacts. Click Next when the mapping is complete

Select Excel field

  • If the Excel file contains blank addresses and vCard v4.0 is selected, checkAllow import of blank addresses

Select vCard version

  • Select the destination of the generated vCard and click Convert to transfer Excel contacts to iPhone

Click on convert button

  • Excel contacts are immediately converted to vCard format and stored in the selected location

immediately converted to vCard

# Import Resultant to iPhone via iCloud

After receiving the iCloud-backed vCard, users are advised to follow the steps below to import it to iPhone:

  • Firstly, You need to sign into iCloud Profile

login your account

  • Then click the contact option on the home page

click on contacts

  • Then open the gear icon and select Import vCard

import vCard file

  • You can then navigate to the exported vCard and click Open to import it

error file

  • Now open the destination of the created .vcf file and verify that the file has been imported Then open the Settings app on your iPhone

destination of the created .vcf file

  • Select your name and iCloud account

select your name

  • After that, you need to open Contacts and click Merge to import contacts from Excel spreadsheet to iPhone.

Highlighted Features of the Tool

  1. Automate the conversion of a huge number of Excel contacts. (A total of 40,000 interactions were examined.)
  2. The instrument is compatible with Windows 10 and all prior versions.
  3. You’ll need Microsoft Excel to convert an XLS file to an iPhone.
  4. It offers a field mapping tool that allows you to map VCF fields to Excel columns.
  5. Export Excel contacts to VCF in a variety of languages

Final Words

Contact information is required for real-time communication, information exchange, and meeting scheduling. This technical essay delves into the topic of ‘how to import contacts from excel to iPhone 4s, 5s, 6s, 7 plus, and X.’ The article offers a few manual and automatic ways that may be useful to anybody seeking for answers to similar questions.