Google Calendar is one of the best time scheduling and management calendar services that allows users to create, edit events. Reminders are enabled for events, with multiple options that are available from time to time. The calendar in Gmail is automatically synced with your account. There are many cases when the user needs to move their Gmail calendar to Outlook account. The movement of the calendar to Outlook allows the user to prepare and get familiar events to Microsoft Outlook interface. Today we will be going to discuss a method to migrate Google calendar to Outlook very easily.

Earlier when the user wants to export their Google calendar they need to re-enter their appointments but this process is not valid anymore. To import Google calendar into Outlook, you don’t have to re-enter all of the appointments. Instead, you need to export your Google calendar to a file, and then import into Outlook. It’s not a one-click button process but let’s have a look at the process.

Steps Migrate Google Calendar to Outlook Account

The process to import calendar from Google to Outlook is divided into the two-step process. The user needs to export Google calendar to a file and then move it Outlook account.

Step 1: Export Google Calendar

  • Log in to Gmail account, and choose Calendar.
  • Choose My Calendars and then go to Settings.
  • Choose Export calendars button
  • Now browse the location to save extracted file.
  • You would get a zip file you need to unzip that file and then extract all those files containing data.

Now you’re ready to import your Google Calendar into Outlook.

Step 2: Import Google Calendar to Outlook

  • On your desktop Outlook 2013 or
    Outlook 2016, go to Calendar.
  • Choose File > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  • In the Import and Export Wizard, choose Import an iCalendar (.ics) or vCalendar file, and then choose Next.


  • Browse to where you stored the extracted file, and choose the one that ends with, and choose OK.

  • Choose Import.
  • Go to your Outlook calendar. You should now see your Google Calendar events there.

This process will migrate Google calendar to Outlook account.

Professional Way to Migrate Google Calendar to Outlook Account

The method to move Google data to Outlook account manually may take a lot of time and sometimes you even don’t get an accurate result. It’s better to use an automated tool that can move Google Apps data to Outlook very easily. One of the tools is Google Apps Backup which allows you to migrate Google calendar to Outlook account very fastly and easily. There are thousands of users who have undergone this process via this procedure which made this process much more simpler for them.


We have covered the process to migrate Gmail calendar to Outlook PST format so that user can fetch their Google calendar events in MS Outlook email client. Though the manual process is not much difficult but using a tool may ease up your manual work.